Bumped: Jay Leno Show. Airdate: Benidorm

Updated: Plus 7TWO news on The Unit, Dirty Sexy Money, King of the Hill, All My Children, HeadLand and NAW on Fire.

theJayLenoShowA number of changes will be coming to 7TWO in January including The Jay Leno Show moving from 6pm to midday from Monday January 18, it will be replaced with reruns of Alf and Full House at 6 / 6:30pm.

Leno will be preceded by HeadLand at 11am and followed by US soap All My Children at 1pm. PG programmes are allowed in daytimes on digital channels from January 1st due to recent ACMA changes.

UK comedy Benidorm will premiere at 8:30pm also on January 18th. Benidorm revolves around the world of package holidays and is set in the Spanish resort of the same name. Written by one of Catherine Tate’s writers, this should be worth checking out. It is already up to its third series in the UK.

The Unit concludes with a double episode at 8:30pm Tuesday 19th -its last ever episodes. 24 will take its place a week later.

Dirty Sexy Money begins a 7TWO replay season from 11:30pm January 20. Wrestling fans take note NWA On Fire starts 10:30pm Thursday January 21st.

Corrected: King of the Hill will also join 7TWO from 7pm Thursday Janury 28th, replacing Mother and Son -which has been getting good numbers for the channel.

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  1. Re: King of the Hill

    I may have been remiss in advising of Rpts for KOTH. It begins with “Powder Puff Boys.” S12E3. I remembered it being in Seven schedule before (with that title it was very memorable) but now I think about it, it may have been pulled and never aired. So my bad.

    On closer inspection KOTH does not indicate Rpt. Apologies for any confusion.

  2. That’s a shame as that time suited me. If I’m home at midday I’d rather watch Ellen even it its in repeats then Leno.

    Though I’m looking forward to Alf and Full House. I haven’t seen those in years.

  3. I will only watch Alf on 7TWO if they show the final season and TV movie, which 111HITS continue to neglect and go back to Pilot after season 3.
    Leno in daytime could work, but not against Ellen. Should be on from 5-6pm.

  4. Hmm, glad to see KOTH , Alf and Full House making a return to Free to air, especially KOTH!, but I am completely thrown by the move of Jay Leno to Midday. Sure to compete with Ellen but honestly it’s a late night show fitted for a 10/11 pm slot – why couldn’t seven do just that? Strange decision.

  5. Atleast fans of Jay Leno can still tape it during the day. Mother and Son should move to the main channel 7 and placed on a Saturday night. Agree with others who say King of the Hill should be new episodes.

  6. I assume that the decision to replace Mother and Son is to do with it running through it’s full cycle of episodes. About 50 odd were made I think, which would equate to a 10 week run. Should really have replaced it with something from a similar genre that would have appealed to a similar demographic – like Are You Being Served or another britcom.

  7. i didn’t realise there were so few episodes of mother and son. that would be a really handy show for 7two if they could make it last longer. but i guess the thinking with KOTH is to tap into the 2.5men crowd without taking anyhting from home and away. but i doubt it will rate well itself.

    every time we’ve seen ratings for jay leno they have been pretty bad, so that move doesn’t surprise. but i would have put it at 11:30 instead of 12. and maybe pushed home and away to front all those soaps.

    Benidorm is very good, everyone watch it.

  8. Shame they are moving Jay but I guess noone is really watching it at 6pm with ratings generally around the 20,000 mark.

    I imagine there will be numerous day time programing changes to both 7TWO and GO given the new classification rules.

  9. King of the Hill at 7pm is a really bad move. I’m surprised they’d fracture the youth audience and have that competing against Home and Away on their main channel.

    They’ve stumbled across an audience for smart, adult comedy in that slot with Mother and Son so I would think a British sitcom, such as The Good Life or To the Manor Born, would work well there.

  10. Jey Leno at midday – what the hell is that about ? I get it to compete with Ellen – but it is a late night show … why not put it at like 10pm where it is supposed to be ?

    I record it anyway and never watch it live so it doesn’t really matter but Leno at midday is just plain weird.

    Good to see Alf and KOTH coming back but this midday thing really has thrown me

  11. Surely it would make more sense to air Jay Leno at night, maybe 9.30 or 10.30, similar times to the US and Comedy Channels??? Do stay at home mums really want this show whilst eating lunch? This is almost as annoying as Wipeout doing well on GO!, so what do they do, put it back on 9!!! The second channels are being given leftovers only.

  12. I thought they had made an error of some sort when looking at the EPG – as the program description made mention of the move (referencing the midday time), however obviously the show is still on at 6pm.

  13. ALF and Full House? Reminds me of when optus had their pay tv and they had that shocking channel which was all 80s/90s sitcoms – fine for a Saturday morning when you are hung over, but a prime time slot? Stupid move. I was really liking Leno in the evening, but won’t watch it during the day (work!!). And a stupid move to go up against Ellen.

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