Extra 7PM Project pays off

TEN's decision to extend The 7PM Project took it to a stronger 826,000. And SBS kicked goals with Man Vs Wild.

7pmpThe first weeknight of summer ratings was good news and bad news for TEN.

Its move to extend The 7PM Project has paid off with 826,000 viewers. The network is airing one hour episodes on Mondays and Fridays through summer as a way of attracting new eyeballs to the show. Last night it spent longer on topics and didn’t have its first commercial break for 15 minutes. It also tweaked the set with more orange and brown hues.

But it wasn’t all going their way. Futurama dropped to 664,000 while Supernatural was only 514,000 and 532,000.

Presumably viewers still aren’t aware of where new shows are sitting on summer schedules. Consistent titles including The Mentalist and Destroyed in Seconds fared better with 1.22m and 1.17m respectively.

Elders with Andrew Denton was very strong on 1.00m.

SBS, which claims to perform best in summer, lived up to that word with Man Vs Wild eclipsing Top Gear, 708,000 to 672,000. Repeat or no repeat, it is a stellar achievement.

A very entertaining first episode of Burying Brian was 348,000 later at night for Nine.

Week 49

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  1. What Ten should do is return the News to the old half hour bulletin like what we had when they first went to 5pm some eighteen years ago then some family friendly viewing between 5:30 and 7pm but No more Simpsons repeats they are getting old and stale but do retain neighbours or put on a us teen drama or comedy during non ratings periods at 6:30pn then this 7pm Project for a half hour or full hour.
    4 to 5pm viewing should go back to childrens programming like what we had in the eighties and first half of the nineties till the beancounters decided to put on Bold and the Beautiful in the 4:30pm timeslot.They are literally handing the kids television market to Nickelodeon,Disney and soon ABC 3 Today.I wouldn’t be so disgusted if they were showing an OC type programme for the teens today coming home from school but the trashy soap has to go.

  2. This Year Nine has Funniest Home Videos Up against the 7pm Project.

    It is good for those of us who don’t watch SBS or ABC news bulletins at 7pm to have an alternative especially If we can’t be home at 5 or 5pm for the regular bulletins

  3. I really enjoyed tonight’s show with Ray Martin… was good to see him in that environment. Also they didn’t seem to be trying too hard to be funny. Maybe that was cos of stories like world aids day and the plight of gorillas but it was still funny when it needed to be. Love having Charlie back too.

  4. Good idea about a renamed 7PM Project permanently as an hour long show from 6.30 – a good alternative to the rubbish consumer affairs shows on 9 & 7. If Neighbours was on at 6, does Ten still get the drama quota points?

  5. I was just thinking, a lot of the increase in ratings on Monday would have been because Home and Away isn’t on any more (and HIMYM is a repeat). Will be interesting to see how 7PM rates when H&A starts again next year.

    It’s definitely a much improved product than when it first launched.

  6. @ED
    Its one night I don’t think anyone is breaking out the Moet! But it is an increased figure; quite a dramatic increase in figures and demos demonstrates the show has life.

    That and it attracted viewers like myself who haven’t watched a full episode since the premiere. Will I stick around during ratings season; time will tell I’ll definately watch more of it over summer if the quality maintains and improves even more its something that when I do watch TV at 7pm I will watch.

    Maybe it was just the hour? But it was a dramatic improvement time was dedicated the segments and was funny; the set and tune of the show has changed since I last watched and seemed to be a much more polished production. I am not a fan of 7pm its the first I’ve watched of it since the premiere so I was quite pleased with what I saw.

  7. Sorry, but the pro 7PM Project spin from some bloggers beggars belief. The figures have lifted (against out of survey competition) to figures that are still about 100,000 south of expected for a 7 o’clock commercial share.

    No denying it’s a clever idea for ten to cultivate an audience over summer and it may well return stronger in survey as a result, but scraping into third spot in it’s slot, by 11,000 is hardly worth breaking out the Moet for.

  8. I found it to be a very entertaining hour.

    Much congratulations for the new set 10.

    Please stop trying to turn Carrie into a co-host. The show only needs one main host and Carrie is not strong enough to do it.

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