Meredith Baxter on the record

mbNow that Meredith Baxter has spoken about it, we can speak freely….

The actress, best known as the mother from Family Ties, has given an interview to Matt Lauer on the Today show in which she came out.

It follows a photo of her and her partner Nancy published by (and noted on other sites, but not here until she was on the record). Another magazine has been poised to publish a story.

“I did not want some tabloid to take a story and make it up,” she told Lauer. “So I wanted it to be in my own words.”

She also spoke to gay mag The Advocate about the moment when she realised the truth:

“The analogy I’ve used is a story [from] when I was a kid. I never could see very well …. When I was 12 I tried on a [friend’s] pair of glasses and I was stunned with how clearly I could see. In truth, I used to think trees looked like lollipops because there was a solid stake and this solid ball. I didn’t know most people could see leaves. Oh, this is how the world is perceived?

“That’s kind of what having that second relationship [with a woman] made me realise — that this is where I want to be because I was dead to the world in many other ways. I’ve been married three times, and I have a slew of children, but I’ve never felt that kind of connection before in that kind of awakening.

“It was very profound for me.”

Source: LA Times


  1. Haven’t we moved on at all from having “Exclusive: (so and so) reveals she is gay” as an on-screen banner?? Is it really that shocking/newsworthy/interesting any more?

    The more the media treats these issues as “news” the more tabloid and salacious it becomes and I question what is really achieved.

    Sure plenty of people struggling with this issue could use her as inspiration to live their lives truthfully, but how many more “role models” do we need? I applaud her for doing what she did, but how much of her hand was forced by Perez?

  2. Did she write that analogy for Grey’s Anatomy last year? I’m glad she has found happiness. Big thumbs down for Perez Hilton and the filth that keep him in business.

  3. Agree with all comments here.

    I saw Perez on The View yesterday trying to justify what he had done.

    No one has the right to interfere in people’s private life.

  4. Bereft Skerrick

    Sad for her that though she was comfortable with who she is, gutter scum like Perez Hilton think it’s public business.

    I think we all need to take the advice of Lisa Simpson. Whilst tabloids pursue the miniscule details of private lives (whether they be of willing Truman Show-esque Z graders, or someone who just wants to live their private lives and mind their own business) and we keep wanting them to, they’ll pursue.

    In one of the Halloween Episodes where the advertisizing logos were on a rampage, her advice was “Just Don’t Look”. Perhaps if we stop looking the tabloids will go away. We’ve created the monster ourselves, now it’s time for it to die.

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