Returning: CSI: Miami, CSI: New York

Updated: CSI fans get new Miami from December as Flashpoint is dumped.

csi-nyCSI fans get to renew their crime time when CSI: Miami returns to screen with new episodes.

CSI: Miami returns with “Wolfe in Sheep’s Clothing” in Sydney / Brisbane and “Seeing Red” in Melbourne which is the finale for S7. Melbourne is still ahead due to those old Underbelly programming issues….

UPDATED: The show is back at 9:30pm Monday December 21 replacing Flashpoint.

New CSI: New York is added to Sundays at 9:30pm from January 3rd with “She’s Not There.”

Another new episode airs at 9:30pm on Thursday Jan 5th at 9:30pm with a repeat following at 10:30pm. That’s three “New York’s”  in one week.

David Gyngell recently told media buyers a the 2010 Programme Launch, “You can’t be too proud because you put CSI on a Thursday night about how smart you are. You didn’t make it, commission it, you got it as part of the deal. What makes you proud to be a Channel Nine worker is you make it, you come up with the idea, you put it to air.”

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  1. I totally agree with Katrina. I used to have one lot of shows to watch in ratings and then look forward to the other lot coming on over summer each year. Now there’s hardly a thing on anymore. I do love my CSI:Miami, it’s my fav CSI. I don’t usually watch NY much, but I have watched it since it’s come back on now just because there’s not much else on. I pretty much have Supernatural, Private Practice, Californication, White Collar, Gary Unmarried, Accidentally on Purpose, Bold and Beautiful and that’s pretty much it. Gives me time to watch some more TV series on DVD that I don’t get to when there’s heaps on during the rest of the year. Oh, and they took Flashpoint off to put Miami on and I did watch Flashpoint too.

  2. I haven’t been watching Flashpoint because I have the dvds which are in the correct order. But Jessica Steen is in the second season, and I want to see her.

    Why can’t they leave shows where they bloody are. Non-ratings season used to be great, catching up on the shows I loved that everyone else ignored. Now can’t even do that.

  3. Well they have to do something so that they can show Miami – NY – Las Vegas continuing storyline in one block. I was in Canada when they were screened over there and it was great to see them all in one week. Although nine are really going to have to get caught up quickly as they are considerably behind screening episodes of it.

  4. Finally something to watch on a Sunday night. We struggled to get CSI NY all year and know we are getting it 3 times a week. I Love It.

    Ch 9 is actually doing something right for a change. See how long it lasts.

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