Love My Way in replay

love_my_wayRarely does this site draw attention to a replay series, but Love My Way has proven so popular with viewers, that it’s worth mentioning the series will get a re-screening on the W Channel from its very first episode this Friday night.

The series starring Claudia Karvan first hit our screens in 2004 and has built up a reputation as possibly the finest local drama of the last ten years.

Three series of the Foxtel series were made, leaving devoted fans desperate for more. But it was not to be. While producer John Edwards went on to make Tangle and Rush, Karvan is working on Spirited for the Pay TV network.

So far the highly-awarded series has yet to air on Free to Air television.

One day you wake up and you’re in your thirties. How’d that happen? Still semi-broke, still negotiating with your ex about your daughter, still wondering what you’re going to do when you grow up.

Frankie, 31 (Claudia Karvan), is a tempestuous ball of mad life; a painter who also illustrates for a living at a large daily newspaper. She lives with Tom, (Brendan Cowell) occasional depressive and cook in the local rehabilitation hospital and Lou (Alex Cook), her 8-year-old jazz-dancing daughter.

Just down the road but in a much nicer house, that has a mortgage not a landlord, lives Charlie, 35 (Dan Wyllie), architect, surfer, emotionally stunted and Lou’s father. He’s Frankie’s ex and Tom’s brother.

Charlie’s remarried to Julia, (Asher Keddie) a 30-something woman with firm dreams about her life that are about to come true and scare the shit out of her.

Love My Way is an exploration of the love that binds us, the relationships that define us and the dreams of grown ups.

It starts Friday January 8th at 7.30pm on W.


  1. I have just finished watching this series, does anybody know when it will be on Free to Air – it would definitely get the ratings

  2. I am so glad this show is having a rescreening – it is the Best Australian Drama I have ever seen and it has resonated with me to my 40’s (early!!) Beautiful and colourful, real and honest, heartbreaking and reminding. Thank you for another look W!

  3. Love My Way should be on Hallmark instead of W since Hallmark already has great shows like: Sea Patrol, McLeod’s Daughters, Rush, All Saints and Blue Heelers. Love My Way should get a premiere screening on Hallmark instead of a re-screening on W from the first episode every Friday night. W airs US drama series anyway so Love My Way doesn’t even fit in to that category anyway. Here’s Hallmark’s new schedule from today if Love My Way was going to air from tonight at 7:30pm on Hallmark: 5:30pm McLeod’s Daughters (PG) 6:30pm Neighbours (G) 7:00pm Home and Away: The Early Years (PG) 7:30pm Love My Way (M,dls) Hallmark should be the new home of Love My Way.

    Meanwhile W’s Friday schedule should be: 6:10pm Jeopardy (G) 6:40pm The Young and the Restless (PG) 7:30pm E.R (M) 8:30pm Law & Order – Double Episodes (M) 10:00pm Without a Trace (M).

  4. yeah, I was a huge fan of this show but was glad they left it where they did, series 3 was a bit of a let down for mine (compared with the first 2 series anyway). The first series was the best australian drama ive ever seen…so moving and brilliantly made..

  5. Great news. It’s a pity this can’t get a run on FTA.
    As mentioned producer Edward’s has gone on to Tangle & Rush. Tangle is good but not great. Rush is the most over-rated piece of tosh on television (IMO)

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