TEN: February 7 schedule

TEN’s schedule for the first week of ratings is confirmed.

The Biggest Loser, hosted by Hayley Lewis, is stripped across its week following The 7PM Project, leaving some shows to commence at 8pm and others at 8:30pm.

So You Think You Can Dance Australia will become a Wednesday night variety show, following its debut week of auditions beginning Sunday January 31st.

Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation shifts from Tuesdays to Sundays followed by The Good Wife premiere and House.

Bondi Rescue and Law and Order: SVU return.

And TEN is all but cutting its umbilical cord to The Simpsons. Just one episode will air across the week as a 20th Anniversary Special on Sunday (except for one rpt in Melb.). With TEN having aired 4 new episodes already in summer, it is no longer screening a new episode on weeknights, and Malcolm in the Middle remains in its traditional weeknight 6pm slot.

Also premiering or returning are The Circle, Meet the Press plus sports events NAB Cup and the NFL SuperBowl.

Sunday Feb 7
8:00am Meet the Press. New Series

6:00pm The Simpsons Special: Access All Areas
6:30pm The Biggest Loser
7:30pm Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation. New Series.
8:30pm The Good Wife. Premiere
9:30pm House
10:30pm Avatar special
11:00pm Movie: The Thin Red Line

Monday Feb 8
9:00am TEN News
10:00am NFL SuperBowl XLIV Live. (4.5 hrs)

6:00pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt
6:30pm Neighbours
7:00pm The 7PM Project.
7:30pm The Biggest Loser
8:30pm Good News Week
10:00pm Ross Noble’s Australian Trip

Tuesday Feb 9
10:00am The Circle. Live. Premiere 2hrs

7:30pm The Biggest Loser
8:00pm Bondi Rescue. New Series
8:30pm NCIS. New Series
9:30pm NCIS: LA rpt
10:30pm TEN Late News with Sports Tonight
11:15pm The 7PM Project rpt
11:45pm The Late Show with David Letterman
12:30am Army Wives

Wednesday Feb 10
7:30pm The Biggest Loser
8:00pm So You Think You Can Dance Australia. Top 20
10:00pm Burn Notice
11:00pm TEN Late News with Sports Tonight
11:45pm The 7PM Project rpt
12:15am The Late Show with David Letterman

Thursday Feb 11
7:30pm The Biggest Loser
8:30pm Law and Orer: SVU. New Series
9:30pm Medium

Friday Feb 12
7:30pm The Biggest Loser
9:00pm NCIS rpt
10:00pm The Good Wife rpt
11:00pm TEN Late News
11:30pm Sports Tonight
12:00am The 7PM Project rpt
12:30am The Late Show with David Letterman

Saturday Feb 13

6:00pm The Simpsons rpt  (Mel)
6:30pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt (2 eps Mel / Ade / Per; one ep Syd / Bris)
7:30pm AFL: Haw v Richmond. NAB Cup.  Live / Ade Live / Per) airs 10:45pm Syd / Bris
10:00pm Movie: The Fast and the Furious rpt
12:10am Hell’s Kitchen UK

6:00pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt (2 eps)
7:00pm AFL: Haw v Richmond. NAB Cup. Live
9:30pm Movie: The Fast and the Furious rpt
11:40pm Hell’s Kitchen UK

6:00pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt
6:30pm AFL: Haw v Richmond. NAB Cup.
9:00pm Movie: The Fast and the Furious rpt
11:10pm Movie: Event Horizon rpt
1:05am Hell’s Kitchen UK

6:00pm Malcolm in the Middle rpt
6:30pm Movie: Evolution rpt
8:30pm Movie: The Fast and the Furious
10:45pm AFL: Haw v Richmond. NAB Cup.
12:45am Hell’s Kitchen UK

Subject to change.


  1. At least Ten have some original shows. The shows on Ten aren’t too shabby. Ten may lack organisational and development skills but they do come up with some original ideas. Unlike, Nine who keep going on about Two and a Half Men and Underbelly. Can’t wait for NCIS and GNW.

    Loved the GNW Underbelly Spoof promos a few years ago.

  2. So Outrageous Fortune is gone yet again – I simply don’t get why this show doesn’t rate for 10 – it’s a fantastic show – a lot better than most of the Aussie stuff we get.
    If channel 10 bought the cast over (like Glee), promoted the show better & gave it a timeslot it deserves it will do so well for 10.
    I know so many people that love the show – come on 10 take a chance on this great drama!

  3. If Can West can get Ten sold off, shows for them to screen on a 3rd channel if it gets launched this year, are White Collar (if the ratings aren’t substantial enough, but it should stay on Ten’s standard channel), Supernatural, Smallville (looking at how long they’re taking to screen it, hopefully Nine can get it back off them for Go), Psych, Monk, 90210 (they could show this crap show for a whole year, looking at how behind they are), Melrose Place (this would struggle on Ten’s current network, as it’s rating abysmally in the US), Stargate Universe, Caprica, Everybody Hates Chris, One Tree Hill, Law & Order UK (where the UK show flopped with Aus viewers, the planned L&O Los Angeles show should do well for Ten on their standard channel, as all 3 L&O shows are filmed in New York city).

  4. Just to add a comment about lack of simpsons: Personally I’m not minding malcom repeats, it reminds me of the early 2000s, plus it’s actually funny and well written. I hated how back when nine aired the show they have 1 new ep then 5 repeats- it was so frustrating not being able to watch the series in order.

  5. Not a lot there. House is always good. And I’m pleased to see Burn Notice there, just hope Ten doesn’t shaft it around and then wonder why the ratings go down.
    No Supernatural though, sigh.

  6. Ten’s schedule looks a bit like a US network’s schedule now, with a big family Sunday night, and moving their dramas to later night.
    Interesting moving TBL to 7:30pm weeknights– a move that could have saved Big Brother years ago.
    SYTYCD on Wednesday night? is that to set a challenge for Hey Hey when it starts up again?

  7. Malcolm is not a bad thing at 6pm but I do wish looking back on it now Ten had done the right thing with the Taken Out/Blind Date type of programmes.Not all of us want to watch a long gone American Sitcom.

  8. Rather disappointed that there is no new Simpsons on a Monday Night anymore.I guess I can do my fitness sessions at my local health club a little later now and get home in time for Good News Week.

  9. The NCISs are falling behind, 5 of each have now aired in the US since the summer break.

    Yes bring back White Collar and Burn Notice to to mention Supernatural and what about the new StarGate? I bet TEN is banking these for it’s 3rd channel… to late TEN!

  10. Wooohooo, New NCIS on the Tuesday! I’ll be watching The Biggest Loser as well, its must see TV in my opinion. I will also watch the Avatar Special that they are airing, what a treat! Might catch a glimpse of Dance/The Goodwife, strong line up – it should fair well but then you have the 7PM fail.

  11. This is a risky schedule. Lets see how it goes.

    Don’t see why so many people are complaining about White Collar and Supernatural, both shows are terrible and rate abysmally. Solid move on shifting House to Sunday as its been failing for years. I think this lineup will go better than expected.

  12. No Simpsons at all? Never thought that’d be happening. Otherwise it looks like a solid schedule post-8:30. Interesting that SVU back to the timeslot where it was rating well, but this time it will be competing with the similar CSI, unless Nine moves it.

    I like The 7PM Project but it rates poorly and The Biggest Loser will have a lot of ground to make up, now against tougher 7:30 competition, so it may be a struggle at least in total viewers for the first couple of weeks at TBL gains momentum. Also I don’t know why they’re persisting with 7PM Project repeats late at night. I understand why they’re doing this during summer to gain as many viewrs as possible, but isn’t this shrinking the potential audience at 7 o’clock?

  13. Sigh…just when I think FTA television might finally have enough on offer to tempt me to part ways with Foxtel, I read a ‘ratings period’ schedule like that one from Ten. Mind you, it still has infinitely more appeal than Seven.

  14. Mmmmm interesting, so ten wants us to watch there new shows………

    Well after supernatural and also all the other tv show I love that they didnt give a chance, I think I will wait the standard two weeks before I even consider watching anything.

  15. I don’t think the reality shows stripped at 7:30 weeknights will work. If there is a show on another channel say on Wednesday and they usually watch TBL as well, they will forego the Wednesday night episode and might keep away from it from then on. At least being at 7pm it was a level playing field with all channels stripping their 7pm shows.

  16. Hey 10,
    just incase your still taking notice of us. I wont be watching Biggest Loser you have worn out the concept and it’s simply the same every season. I am not watching Love Actually tonight. I wont be watching So You Think You Can Dance it’s the same every season. Nor will you have me for Law and Order it’s the same as all the others you can add The Good Wife,The Circle, Meet the Press, NAB Cup and the NFL SuperBowl to the list of “I wont be watching” shows.
    I want to be entertained not assaulted. What else have you got ?

  17. So is Outrageous Fortunes gone permanently then from Friday seems a shame that they can’t even play it late night and while I’m aware it rates terribly what do 10 expect when they skip 2 seasons worth of episodes. (which I’m hoping to get on DVD) So it looks like the only thing worth watching is Army Wives oh well.

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