Larry and Sam for Sunrise on Saturdays

Wake up to Larry? Weekend Sunrise has announced Larry Emdur and Samantha Armytage will front its new Saturday edition.

Weekend Sunrise has announced its hosts for the new Saturday edition will be Larry Emdur and Samantha Armytage.

The surprise announcement means Sunday co-host Andrew O’Keefe won’t be adding Saturdays to his already-heavy roster. The Melbourne-based presenter has been known to work up to three different shows at once for Seven.

Reading the News will be Sarah Cumming while Simon Reeve fronts Sport.

Seven’s Saturday edition will take on Weekend Today on the day the Olympics begin in Vancouver.

To air from 7 – 9am, the move pushes long-running Saturday Disney out to a new 9am start.

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  1. this thread happened over 4yrs ago. i have been looking for someone by the name of Tuaiwa Smith for yrs now. Could you be her? if so you taught at John Paul College Rotorua, NZ. i would love to catch up if you are in OZ now 🙂

  2. Why do we have to listen to Larry and all is ravings, he is so thick, dosent have any intelligent comments to make and is just plain embarrassing, im surprised he is still sitting there working alongside lovely partners who have to endure his stupidity, im not watching anything when he is on the screen

    administration, surly you can see what a dead weight he is, or is it maybe because he is cheap to obtain

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