Returning: Kerri-Anne

To most of us she is known as KAK (and sometimes affectionately even the KAKster) but from next week she is simply Kerri-Anne as Nine’s morning doyenne returns in a re-named show.

With the Olympics ending next Monday, Kerri-Anne Kennerley returns to Nine for more of her morning magic, but no longer titled as Mornings with Kerri-Anne.

Airing from 9-11am, she will also have a Saturday highlights show, Saturday Kerri-Anne, from 9-10am.

This year the show will also be more closely aligned with Today.

One of TV’s survivors, she will be the longest-running of the three chat shows that screen at the same time. It will surely be interesting to watch the morning battle once KAK is back.


  1. Kerrie Anne is well passed her used by date,if it’s not about boreing fashion all the time,it’s going over boreing topics that have been repeated a dozen or more times.This morning was about the forgotton Heroes,the word is so misused in Autralia it’s embarrasing.But it was about The Forgotten Carers.There is some genuine cases.But sadly it is so abused,We have just moved house were a daughter is carer to her father,they run a backyard child car centre,looking after kids that parents go to work.The daughter goes to work,while the father looks after the kids.

  2. Good for KAK 😀

    Just a question about cartoons …
    whatever happened to the old Looney Tunes cartoons?
    Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck etc.,
    they were ‘real’ cartoons.
    Pity we don’t see them much anymore.

  3. Kids WB is still be shown on Nine, if you check out the Advanced Guides section. But Kid WB’s lineup of shows is the worst ever, so I don’t see it lasing:
    10:05 AM Scooby-Doo! Where Are You! (repeats)
    10:35 AM Batman: Brave and the Bold (repeats)
    11:00 AM Dennis & Gnasher (repeats)
    11:30 AM Deadly (repeats)
    12:00 AM Mortified (repeats)

    Really disappointing, when Nine should have Batman: Brave and the Bold (Season 2), Ben 10: Alien Force (Season 3) and The Secret Saturdays (Complete series) available.

    Maybe you should actually check out the ABC2/3, there is very little new or quality content shown at all. The ABC3 is focused on Australian content, with far too many older Australia TV series been shown again. So a stack of new and quality cartoon series are still available from overseas.

    Overall the cartoon series produced by Disney and Warner Brothers are much better, compared to cartoon series on ABC’s channel. Although Disney is more focused on live action series now, and doesn’t produce many cartoon series anymore.

  4. The reason Channel 9/10 are not putting much emphasis on kids shows is ABC2 & ABC3 are getting all the kids now. I am sure the stuff on there is much better quality than any of the WB/Disney cartoons that are shown now. If KAKster’s contract is up in 2012 maybe she should go and head up The Circle (if it survives)

  5. I think this is the last straw for KAK. Her ch 9contract expires in 2012. This new concept will be the beginning of the end for her TV career. This show needs an audience and for kak to be alive – otherwise we are going to see this show slowly die over the next 2 yrs.

  6. This is the latest trend.Either rehashing or replaying someting that has already been on that week.TV in this country has just gone so far down the plughole.Kerri Anne on saturday is crazy.Traditionally the kids day (mornings) & as a 44 year old kid i want it to stay that way.

  7. Kids WB, is an excellent Saturday morning show for kids. Shura Taft is such a great talent. It’s sad that the kids saturday am is being shunted for more of the oldies stuff. There’s very little for kids on the primary channels now. It’s all aimed at the oldies.

  8. Looks like Kids WB is getting chopped to bits. The way this is going, we’ll have no Kids WB left on the main channel. Seven: don’t follow KAK’s lead. Sure Saturday Disney’s struggling in it’s new slot, it’s going to struggle more if it is shunted to 10am, for a Morning Show highlights show.

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