ABC returning to Scorpion Island

Get ready Team Claw, Team Sting and Team Venom….

Two new seasons of Escape from Scorpion Island have been approved for CBBC and ABC, to again be filmed in Australia.

Each 26×30 min season will once again put ten children from the U.K. and Australia, ages 11 to 13, through a series of Survivor-style challenges.

Last June Tim Brooke-Hunt, ABC TV’s executive head of children’s TV, told TV Tonight how much he loved the series. “I was thrilled, it was my first commission to go to air,” he said.

“The show originated in the UK with CBBC. We came in on their second year but they’re now lining up for the next series, and we will come in then.”

Now announcing the commission, Brooke-Hunt said, “Following on from the great on-air and on-line success of Escape from Scorpion Island last year, we are thrilled this award-winning program will be back on ABC TV in 2010.

“We are also delighted that the series will be once again be filmed in Australia, featuring Australian and British kids, and co-produced by Freehand and The Foundation (UK).”

Michael Bourchier, EP for Freehand Productions in Australia said,“Seasons four and five of Scorpion are going to be gobsmackingly exciting! The show is so popular with its audience because of the thrills and spills and also because the series is constantly evolving. The new Scorpions that the team have designed are going to be surprising, engaging and take the game play to a whole new level.”

Season Five will follow in 2011.

Please note: The contestants have been chosen and filming will begin in April.

Refer all enquiries to ABC, kids!2



  1. why do u need my name?

    Sorpion island is the best show around! Before in went on the abc we ( the kids ) were stuck with boring american shows. It should keep making more series.
    P.S Scorpion island has fresh quality content!

  2. Series 4 of Escape from Scorpion Island has been mentioned on the ABC3 web site for awhile, but two more seasons! Why does the ABC continue to waste so much money on reality TV rubbish? locally produced and overseas series.

    Why can’t the ABC spend some more money on new quality content? I really pity kids these days, there is so little decent content on (free to air) TV anymore.

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