Airdate: Magical Tales

Nine will premiere a new kid’s series this week, William and Sparkles’ Magical Tales from Ambience Entertainment (Larry the Lawnmower).

Magical Tales, as it is destined to be known in shorthand, is a 46 episode live-action series that begins when a magical shooting star lands in an enchanted forest.

Sparkles the Fairy and William the Wizard use their magical talents to solve problems, help their visiting friends and sometimes create mischief.

Inspired by classic fairytales Magical Tales uses “characters, themes and traditional storytelling mixed with humour and funky music” and has been designed in consultation with pre-primary school educator.

The Nine Networks’ Director of Commercial Development, Martin Hersov said: “We are thrilled to be working with Ambience Entertainment on this unique children’s program.

“We were fascinated by the concept very early on and have enjoyed working on the development of the series. It will be great entertainment for children and their families Australia-wide.”

The production also brings a formidable background of theatrical talents to the table.

Mo and Helpmann Award winner Stephen “Spud” Murphy, who has worked on Evita, Buddy, Shout, Priscilla and Dusty is the show’s musical director.

Playing the role of Sparkles the Fairy is Laura Murphy who is a classically trained musician and singer having studied at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney. Her side-kick, William the Wizard, is played by James Buckingham from the Hunter School of Performing Arts and Newcastle’s Young People’s Theatre.

Veteran performer Barry Crocker plays Whirly Wizard, while Alan Flower splay Papa Bear, cabaret performer
Chelsea Plumley appears as the Queen of the Fairies and actor and musician Peter Fenton makes an appearance as Dave the Stave.

The show will also have other renowned faces in guest spots.

Magical Tales premieres on The Nine Network at 3.30pm from Friday.


  1. They have to make programs for preschoolers.In fact the only network that doesn’t do anything like that is SBS but they don’t really count.
    The World has come a long way since we were babies in our home with Sesame Street,Humphrey Bear and Fat Cat amongst others.

  2. I think it’s going to be a great show for kids. Lots of different stories every episode, so every episode has a new story line. Even if it looks cheap, kids are still going to enjoy this show.

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