Bert Newton returns to hosting the Logies

It's official. For the first time in 17 years Bert Newton will host the 2010 TV Week Logie Awards as a solo presenter.

It’s official.

Bert Newton will host the 2010 TV Week Logie Awards.

The veteran performer will front television’s night of nights solo for the 19th time on May 2nd.

Newton’s announcement, to be published in tomorrow’s TV Week magazine, follows the maligned 2009 hosting by Gretel Killeen.

Most of the industry view the role as a ‘poisoned chalice’ but Newton’s association with the event is legendary. He last had presenting duties in 2006 when he shared with Ray Martin, Daryl Somers, Lisa McCune and Georgie Parker. His last solo hosting was in 1993, but he has previously stolen the night when presenting the Gold Logie.

Newton will continue his trademark ad-libbing this year, only agreeing to the gig if his role was unscripted.

“I would hate to have to do a show like the Logies and be totally scripted,” he tells TV Week. “I wouldn’t do it under those circumstances.”

Also confirmed for the event are Susan Boyle, John Mayer and ARIA winner Gabriella Cilmi.

The Logies remains at Crown Casino and the Nine Network for 2010.

Source: TV Week.

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  1. I thought Bert Newton was to host the logies.
    What a shock to see Alfred Hitchcock,doing it.
    Did anyone else notice the resemblance.
    Do not mean to be unkind,as I have loved Bert performing for many years.
    But he is pasted his used by date.

  2. Ah, Bert. Well I think that’s a good choice. Though, I would be thrilled if a woman hosted the Logies. Apart from Gretel Killeen though who I reckon has probably killed ch9’s faith in women presenters. I do have to say though, I think it’s time now for ch9/other people who run the Logies to clean up their act a bit. The Logies shouldn’t be based around a populist vote via SMS and we shouldn’t have to only care about who wore what. It’s time we started celebrating diversity and talent among our many actors who are passionate about their work. And this does not include Home and Away, Neighbours, reality programs where there is no ‘acting’ or real theatrecraft involved. Give them their own separate awards night. Let’s celebrate the talent and hard work of those on and off the screen in Australian television.

  3. Meh – its a safe bet for Nine … they’d get a lot of crap if they went with most of their personalities, but Bert is a safe bet, even if he’s getting on a bit (and has only hosted crap for the last few years).

  4. He’s simply the best … better than all the rest…!!!
    Bert IS the Logies and all the others are just pail imitations!
    I may actually watch it this year … though i did think Gretel was Fab!

  5. Now we have Bert hotsing, what about a tribute to another Australian legend Prisoner.
    It still lives on via DVD and produced some of the most memorable characters in Any Australian show ie: The Freak, Bea Smith, Frany and Lizzie etc
    It’s time for recognition has definately come

  6. i haven’t watched the logies in the last couple of years, but now i more then likely will watch it. I don’t think I have seen him host the logies on his own and I can’t wait to see his how he handles it. He has 50+ years experience so it should be fun.

    Long live the king.

  7. Andrew, Graham (Kennedy) was the King, not Bert. I suppose you could call him the Court Jester, but not the King.
    I just hope that he doesn’t bring on the rest of his family. The Good Wife, Pattie, son Matthew and daughter Lauren. Hell why not go the full hog – bring on his grandchildren and son-in-law – the swimmer. Cringe factor anyone??

  8. Wow! Look at everyone quick to whinge and complain! Every year when a new host is announced, people seem to say “bring back Bert”. This year they do and all you people can do is whinge. I”m sure no matter who they announced as host, you would all whinge. LEts wait and see before passing judgement!

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