Big Love for Željko Ivanek

Character actor Željko Ivanek makes his first appearance in tonight’s torrid episode of Big Love on SBS ONE.

Ivanek is well-known for his performances in The X Files (Roland), Homicide: Life on the Street (as prosecuting attorney Ed Danvers), Damages (Ray Fiske), Oz (Governor James Devlin), 24 (Andre Drazen), Heroes (Emile Danko), John Adams (John Dickinson) and True Blood (The Magister).

The third series of the HBO polygamy series has been its best so far, with some dynamite storylines. It surely deserves a much bigger audience.

The first series will also air on Showcase from March 26th.


  1. I have been sampling this show this season, I hadn’t commited my self. In fact I wasn’t gonna watch tonight. Now that I know Zeljko’s gonna be in it, I will keep watching.

  2. friendlycroc

    Željko Ivanek is so good, one of my favourite actors. I agree, Big Love deserves more attention. It’s an outstanding series, with superb writing and beautiful performances – of the typical HBO standard yet oddly its profile is relatively low.

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