Kyle chats to Sky News Business

A surprising guest on Mediaweek today is none other than Kyle Sandilands.

The half hour show on Sky News Business sees Editor James Manning talk to host Bridie Barry about the week’s news in television, radio and print, usually with a regular guest.

The Australia’s Got Talent judge and radio host will sit down and be on his best behaviour (or will he?) for a chat about his latest projects. And possibly the last 12 months.

Mediaweek airs at 2.27pm Thursdays.

UPDATE 12:52pm:  Just received advice this is now no longer happening…

Mediaweek grabs Sandilands for a Podcast: 2010: 11 & 12


  1. @Russell – I think it might be shown at 2.27 because they record the final package for replays over the weekend.

    I series link Media Week, as some weeks they have interesting content of interest to me in there (Last week they were at the ASTRA conference).

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