V in replay

V is getting replays on both Nine and GO! as early as Wednesday and continuing for several weeks.

V is getting replays on both Nine and GO! as follows:

10:30pm Wednesday March 10
2pm Thursday March 11

3pm Sunday March 14 (Syd Bris)
4pm Sunday March 14 (Melb)

Episodes 2 and 3 will have a similar replays on GO!:

10:30pm Wednesday March 17 Ep 2
2pm Thursday March 18 Ep 2

10:30pm Wednesday March 24 Ep 3
2pm Thursday March 25 Ep 3

The Listener will return on Wednesday 7th April to its regular timeslot of 10:30pm.

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  1. Hi I just read the Jane Badler hopes for V cameo interview, what I got from that was the V producer Scott Peters mentioned that Jane Badler would be one character to have her role reprise.
    That would be great to see the Dianna character go up against the Anna character, like the orginal Diana Vs Lydia who seemed adversarial with antagonism and conflict between each other trying to take control of the fleet and destroy the Resistance the which made the show more intense and fantastic to watch.

  2. The return of V was great, Anna the High Commander of the Visitors was a good in her role. The story line is a little different but I enjoyed seeing my favourite channel 7 Sydney tv show from the 80’s updated.
    Jane Badler was fantastic as Diana, I hope she makes an appearance in the new series .

  3. What a joke Nine! After 1 episode of The Listner, you bump it. That show looks really promising and I was really looking forward to this weeks ep. What about using your brains (if you have any) and put V on a Tues or Friday night where there are just movies scheduled?

    Looks like another show that Nine have screwed up will be watched elsewhere. I no longer have a need to watch GO on a Wed night since all 3 shows I watch or will be watching by other means.

  4. If this show is being repeated at 3pm and 4pm on the 14th , isn’t this a timeslot that would require some “editing” done to the episode? Last night’s episode was M rated and had some violence – why isn’t nine airing it at a more appropriate time, like 10:30pm or something?

  5. i enjoyed the show considerably – a lot more than i thought I would.

    This of course means the kiss of death – as soon as I really get into a show, it gets bumped around. Maybe not this time, since C9 can at the very least slot it over onto Go.

  6. I wonder how long til ‘V’ is quicky axed on Ch 9 & then bumped to GO!, due to dismal rating against “Bones” & “Good Wife”.

    Hasn’t Ch 9 caught on yet – Sci-fi shows screened on Ch 9 don’t last long on air!.

    Haven’t they learnt that after showing Smallville, Terminator, Fringe, Primeval & eventually ‘V’, that they can’t look after them very well, despite how much they pay to buy from american networks & the amount of money used to promote the show via varoius news media outlets.

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