Bumped: FlashForward

More changes to Seven's Thursday line-up.

More changes to Seven’s Thursday line-up…. now feeling very, very messy.

From next week FlashForward will begin at 11:30pm in Sydney and Brisbane.

In Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth it begins at 11:45pm due to the longer Vicar of Dibley at 7:30pm. This also pushes The Matty Johns Show now out to 12:45am.

Repeats of American Dad and Auction Squad are out.

At 10:30pm Seven will air a special Doomed to Die? 13 Most Shocking Hollywood Curses (10:45: M / A / P)

A week later, May 13, Seven has double Amazing Race from 9:30pm (9:45pm (M / A / P) which may well become the norm given we are well behind the US.

Seven’s Thursday line-up has been it’s most problematic all year with The White Room, The Bounce, Cougar Town, How I Met Your Mother, Family Guy and repeats of American Dad all on the casualty list.

It’s Thursday channel share went from 20.2% last week to 22.5% last night.

FlashForward was launched as a bright new hope for the network last year with a big marketing campaign, but its stories have failed to live up to the hype both here and in the US.

Yesterday, April 29, was the “flash-forward” date in the show in which the characters envisioned their new lives. If only the producers has been privvy to the same insight…

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  1. given enough time to flash forward, decided it was getting nowhere, so no longer part of viewing, not surprised about the continual bumping of timeslot by 7, losing viewers quicker than you can say boo – so it gets later and later on thursday night, will end up on 7Two at the rate it is going.

  2. @Denis – brilliant stuff! You’ve captured the spirit of the Australian television scene precisely. I wonder how the next generation of offspring (Go!, 7Two, ABC2, One etc.) will shape the neighbourhood into the future.

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