Go slow on Marriage Ref, Geek casting

Casting on Beauty and the Geek Australia and The Marriage Ref for Seven appears to have slowed.

Two shows on Seven’s light entertainment slate appear to have slowed in their production momentum: Beauty and the Geek Australia and The Marriage Ref.

Seven called for contestants for a second season of Beauty and the Geek Australia in November last year. But so far the show is yet to proceed into production.

A Seven source told TV Tonight the audition call was piggybacked on the success of the first series and the network was currently looking at its casting options. Willing ‘Geeks,’ it seems, are not so easy to find. The official website is still actively calling for contestants.

Meanwhile casting on The Marriage Ref is also yet to be finalised.

“We’re in a pause in the casting and we’re going to look at it later in the year,” said the source.

Seven is also still advertising for contestants online and has been since December.

The network has the rights to both a local production as well as the US version, created by Jerry Seinfeld.

Seven has had a troubled year with its new light entertainment projects including The White Room and The Bounce, but fared well with reality series My Kitchen Rules. It is currently shooting Beat the Star starring Daniel MacPherson and calling for contestants for Minute to Win It.

If you have applied to either Beauty and the Geek Australia and The Marriage Ref, TV Tonight would like to hear about your experience.

Both shows are produced by Southern Star Australia, which did not return calls.

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  1. Ah, that explains why there were piles of “calls for geeks” flyers everywhere at the Supanova convention. I was wondering why they were still actively promoting

  2. Seriously… how many scripted TV shows does Channel 7 have left?

    Bones, Castle, Criminal Minds and The Pacific, Housewives x2, Grey’s x2, that’s like 1/3 scripted, 2/3 unscripted..

    R.I.P Seriously… what is with the crappy talent contests? Noone ever goes onto anything big anyway… and then they wonder why viewership is always going down every year….

    sigh, long gone are the days of 2m viewers per episode of shows like Friends and ER…

  3. I hope the slow casting for B&TG is so that they make sure that they don’t have carbon copies of Corin (ie: a geek who isn’t really a ‘geek’) appearing on the show…. either that or they are going to make sure that all of the male geeks are exactly like him!

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