Gone: Cougar Town, How I Met Your Mother.

Following on from The Bounce, Seven's Thursday nights get a major overhaul as Cougar Town and How I Met Your Mother are yanked.

When the boss of the network reckons a show is “shit” (his words not mine) it’s a big ask for the rest of the country to support it.

Seven has pulled Cougar Town and How I Met Your Mother from its Thursday line-up effective immediately.

They will be replaced by repeats of Criminal Minds. Added to Wednesdays, that means it’s now repeating twice a week.

With The Bounce also pulled from some cities, Thursdays have had a major overhaul by Seven.

Melb / Ade / Per
7:30 The Vicar of Dibley rpt
8:45 Criminal Minds rpt
9:45 The Amazing Race (new)
10:45 FlashForward (new)
11:45 American Dad rpt
12:15 The Matty Johns Show

Syd / Bris
7:30 The Matty Johns Show
8:30 Criminal Minds rpt
9:30 The Amazing Race (new)
10:30 FlashForward (new)
11:30 American Dad rpt
12:00 Auction Squad rpt

7TWO will also be pulling Heartbeat from 7:30 Thursdays to be replaced by Airline USA from May 6. May have been too similar to Vicar of Dibley audience and splits the Seven audience.

No word on when or where the two US comedies will resume.

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  1. How bitterly disappointing!! Just what we need another criminal investigation show.

    Its nice to be able to sit down at the end of a day and enjoy a good laugh, instead of going to bed thinking about murders and crimes.

    How i met your mother is great! and i will be so sad to see it go. Really disappointed in channel 7. Its not fair to get us hooked on something and just take it away without warning…………….

  2. How can you pull two awesome shows off tv with out any warning! These are two of the best shows esp how i met your mother!!! and replace it with vicor of shitsville!!??? WTF very disapointing!!!!

  3. I can’t believe HIMYM has been axed. I loved this show. I was upset when they moved it to a later timeslot, which is probably why it suffered, but now to axe it? I’m getting rather sick of channel 7 putting popular shows on later and later and always running overtime with other shows, and now they’ve gone and done this!

    I now only really watch 4 things on Channel 7. Seriously considering boycotting 7 altogether until they get their act together.

  4. Well thanks for nothing! Thursday nights used to be one of the only two nights I would actually watch television, and whilst I enjoy the Vicar of Dibley, the rest of the evening is complete crap! Who wants to watch re-runs of criminal minds? Do they really think we are so docile as to be able to sit down and watch the same stuff over and over? If they want to put criminal minds on two nights in a row, then how about showing us the respect of putting new episodes on! As for the amazing race, another reality show that I can’t stand…please! Who gives these big wigs the right to decide on our behalf? How I met your Mother was like another Friends sitcom to our family. How dare they decide for us what’s worth watching and what’s not! I’m disgusted to say the least!

  5. I understand why maybe Cougar Town got scrapped, but not How I Met Your Mother. Considering its in its 5th season it must still have a pretty steady following. Channel Seven were finally airing episodes I hadn’t already watched online before it started on seven earlier in the year…looks like I might have to go back to watching it online (at least theres no ads!!)

  6. prime are bunch of tasteless w*nkers!!! how i met your mother was only show prime had goin for it now with it off the air cause of some cold hearted loser bum with no sense of humour would rather air a show called criminal minds is crap – about putrid sex offenders molesting young children, sounds to me like prime gets off watchin that kinda thing but the rest of Oz doesnt!!!!
    bring back how i met your mother!!!!
    so i suggest to you just delete prime from your tv guide and stand up united in protest!!! maybe a descent channel like 10 will pick up the series, then no more problems;-) come on channel ten save HIMYM!!!

  7. i cant believe they removed cougar town and how i met your mother god i hope foxtel or another channel picks cougar town up at least i can still watch HIMYM on foxtel, these shows where all channel 7 had going for them law and order SVU will definitly beat the repeat rubbish they have replaced these quality programs with!! im disgusted!!!

  8. What a joke! Had the kids in bed, ready with the icecream for my only night of tv worth watching – Cougar Town followed by HIMYM and whatttt its been cancelled – very unhappy now.

  9. I only watch one show on Channel 7.. or used to.. HIMYM. I guess I won’t be watching the station at all now. At least put it on 7TWO which seems to be a dumping ground for all your other axed shows. At least the second channels for all the other networks are used properly. Worst station ever!!

  10. Nick, you have the times spot on! WTF Channel 7!!! Are you serious? How the hell can you scrap How I Met Your Mother?! It has a huge cult following in Australia! Maybe if you put it on at a decent hour, like it has previously been, instead of changing the time slot 20 times a year, you might actually find people will watch it very regularly. You need to get a grip David Leckie! And to replace it with more Repeats of Criminal Minds is in fact criminal! Now watch the ratings plunge! Why pull a show half way through its season? At least let it run its course! Its done so well for 4 seasons, so you execs at 7 need to look at your scheduling. Cougar Town isn’t a bad show, but bring back How I Met Your Mother 7! Best US comedy on TV! Its Legen…..wait for it……Dary!

  11. Not impressed! Cougar Town was an absolute favourite and I can’t believe it has been cancelled. I would really like to know how ratings are calculated because channel 7 has really got this one wrong! It was nice to have some comic relief amongst the many crime and medical shows!

  12. Ive just settled in to watch Cougar town and How I met your Mother and its simply not on.????? Come on……….. I dont ever write in complain – but this is unacceptable. I cant stand ‘reality tv’ and am over the same old, done a thousand times ‘criminal’ shows. Just put it back on or I will boycot sunrise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. OK… I can understand how an overweight old grey-beard (whose only claim to fame is being responsible for heading up Seven’s news and current affairs programmes) might be tormented by a show like Cougar Town – but to take HIMYM down with it is not only illustrative of Meakin’s emotionally reckless decision making style (drinking won’t make you feel better about that reflection) but also of how completely backward Australian commercial TV is. Replays? Really? Seven – perhaps more periodic detention is in order?

  14. Here I am waiting for my Thursday night duo of Cougar Town and HIMYM to find out its not on 🙁 It was my hour of laugh and now its gone. Booo Criminal Minds, NCIS is so much better anyway!

  15. its official…. channel 7 has nothing worth watching!!! you take off HIMYM and cougar town for another repeat of a show targeting middle aged audience’s. if you wish to drive away all of your younger, more avid T.V viewers it is working. long live channel 10!

  16. Wow, just tuned in to watch Cougar Town and it is gone. At least I can type in “how come Cougar Town is not showing now on Seven” and I get a response, unlike the notice that we have received from the actual TV station. Very dissappointed, it was funny.

  17. I looked forward to Thursday nights for Cougar Town and How I Met Your Mother. Now you are playing repeats of another show, that is also on the previous night before. Silly move channel 7.

  18. That’s crap I look forward to cougar town every week it hasent had a bad episode yet, it’s the only show I get to enjoy after the kids are in bed eff you channel 7 yous are so stupid!!!!

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