MasterChef’s 2 week menu

So what should we expect of MasterChef Australia when it launches?

This year the show begins with a Top Fifty and ejects five on the first night. The Top 24 will be announced on Sunday April 25.

Across episodes varying in length from 30 – 90 minutes, get ready for beef wellington, quail and gnocchi, a mystery box, Luke Nguyen, Neil Perry, and lasagne with a twist.

7:30pm Monday 19th (90 mins)
They applied in their thousands from all across Australia. But just fifty would-be chefs were chosen to come to Sydney with their common dream still intact: To be Australia’s next MasterChef. Their first challenge? To take on the good old Aussie BBQ.

Tuesday 20th (90 mins)
Tonight the remaining forty five contestants need to put their signature dish on the plate. The top six contestants will then attempt the perfect beef wellington in a pressure test, which will see two of these six sail straight through to the Top 24.

Wednesday 21st (60 mins)
Competing in teams of two, the contestants are sent out to the Hawkesbury River region to source their own fresh produce. Under time constraints they must make one main dish and a dessert. Three teams will be eliminated by the end of this challenge.

Thursday 22nd (90 mins)
Two further challenges are up for the remaining thirty-eight contestants and ten places in the Top 24 are at stake. A culinary rapid fire bootcamp is first up, followed by a complicated quail and gnocchi offering by celebrity guest chef Matt Moran.

Friday 23rd (90 mins)
The remaining contestants get a welcome reprieve from challenges & are rewarded with a chance to learn from two of the best in MasterChef Australia’s first masterclass of the season. The perfect steak is on tonight’s menu along with George’s Greek Salad.

7:30pm Sunday 25th (90 mins)
Tonight the remaining Top 50 contestants are desperate for a place in the Top 24 but a mystery box challenge and a Neil Perry signature dish stand in their way. After these two gruelling challenges, emotions run high as the Top 24 finalists are announced.

Monday 26th (60 mins)
The Top 24 contestants arrive in Sydney and barely have time to settle into their plush pad before they hit the ground running. An invention test is their first challenge and they must recreate their fondest childhood food memory for the judges.

Tuesday 27th (30 mins)
Acclaimed chef and owner of Sydney restaurant ‘Red Lantern’, Luke Nguyen is tonight’s celebrity chef. With a Vietnamese heritage, he has a complicated Asian dish in store for the MasterChef contestant. Can the celebrity chef be beaten at his own game?

Wednesday 28th (90 mins)
The contestants are split into red and blue teams for the first off site challenge of the series. The two teams of twelve are tasked with running their own respective Italian restaurants. From choosing the menu to cooking the dishes it’s a huge challenge.

Thursday 29th (30 mins)
The judges reveal the results from last night’s challenge, and while the winning team are safe, the losing team face the first elimination.

Fri 30th (90 mins)
The judges share their own food memories in tonight’s MasterClass. A good old English Sunday Roast is Gary’s dish of the day while George cooks up lasagne with a twist.

Altogether now: “Cause you’re hot then you’re cold, You’re yes then you’re no, You’re in then you’re out….”


  1. According to Yahoo7 TV Guide, viewers in regional WA will get to see MC at the same day and time as Channel Ten, with WIN deciding to air the program at 7.30pm weeknights from Monday April 19. Last year WIN only picked up the program and screened it on weekday afternoons after it rated so well on Ten, and it finished screening in September, two months after Julie was revealed as the winner.

  2. tasmanian devil

    I really hope the eliminations aren’t the same as last year where contestants vote each other off. It was arguably the worst flaw in the show’s format, because the best contestants undeservedly get voted off for being a threat. I remember someone in last year’s Masterchef who was voted off for reasons unrelated to cooking, which is even worse.

  3. Love the show but hate the 3 judges. All the ads are about these arrogant people and i hate George Calombaris. He is what put me off last year for a while before i picked it back up. Too bad we wont be seeing Sarah either. I think that is a stupid move to tell you the truth.

    As for the overkill i am not surprised. TEN know exactly how to kill series and they are going to do a good job at that this time around. I think it will start slow and pick up like last year. Thats how i see the ratings anyway.

  4. We’ll finally get to see how big a jump in quality the contestants are.
    As with other reality shows, it would make sense for many more talents to come out of the woodwork after the first series.
    The judges have gone on record saying the challenges are much harder,
    and that the contestants up their game.

    A restaurant challenge in the first week of competition?
    If its as all-out as that sounds, then they are really giving it to them from the get-go!

  5. wow that’s a lot of MC. how many shows have been on for 7 hours in one week before.

    bar NCIS, ten’s 8:30 shows are pretty weak so you can hardly blame them.

  6. Hello desperation. Talk about using 1 show to hold together your entire schedule. Ten is dead without MasterChef, as evident by their start to the ratings season.

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