Returning: Amazing Race. Bumped: Flashforward. Gone: Family Guy, American Dad

Updated: Seven bumps FlashForward to 10:30pm to make way for The Amazing Race and throws in a How I Met Your Mother marathon.

That was faster than a race to the pit stop.

Seven has already adjusted its Thursday line-up after its poor performance last night.

In two weeks’ time it will premiere the new series of The Amazing Race at 9:30pm.

is being pushed back to a 10:30pm start.

That knocks new Family Guy episodes out of schedule, plus plans for new American Dad episodes (repeats of the latter will remain at 11:30pm beginning next Thursday).

The changes take effect from April 29th.

UPDATED: Seven now also adds a 3 episode marathon of How I Met Your Mother (“The Window / Last Cigarette Forever / Girls vs Suits [100th ep]”) to 9pm April 22 with a single FlashForward episode at 10:30pm.

The latest season of The Amazing Race only has 3 more episodes remaining in the US so watch out for them internet spoilers!

See you at the pit stop.

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  1. I cant believe that they would do three episodes back to back of how i met your mother. I would like like to know who actually does these people meter things that they base ratings on. I have never met anyone or a friend of anyone who has ever done it. I went to supanova last week end and they had almost 20000. I reckon theres a bigger audience out there for sf and pop culture shows like Family Guy than the socalled people meter readings would come up with.

  2. The only reason I (we?) didn’t watch Family Guy was because I (we) didn’t know it was on . If it was on after Amazing Race I’d totally stick with 7 all night. And if they were both on any other night than Thursday it would be even better.

  3. They should put FlashForward on Wednesday nights at 10.30. It would fit better with Criminal Minds and the Lost replay and allow Seven to keep Family Guy and American Dad. Move Cougar Town after Desperate Housewives when Brothers and Sisters finishes. And then play double TAR on Thursday to get through it. TAR won’t be as affected by Glee as the comedies will be, I think some Getaway viewers would switch over too.

  4. TAR should have been on air 2 months ago when it started. Why they played TGYH repeats is beyond me. And now they’ve screwed themselves up.

    The football shows and CT, though, mean whatever they put at 9.30 is not going to get good ratings.

    FF should move to 9.30 Thursdays on 7TWO, leaving Family Guy on Seven. FF fits the 7TWO bill perfectly.

  5. @ryaneco I couldn’t agree with you more with that line up. The Amazing Race would be the best lead in show. I don’t see why Seven put it on so late as there’s no swearing etc … it’s a good family show that everyone can watch.

  6. @Dave: Well spotted! I didn’t have much hope for FF as it had slumped after a good start, but I thought last night’s ep was pretty good, altho’ Fiennes is still pretty wooden.

  7. @Paul: unfortunately becuase amazing race is an American show, it won’t be in widescreen untill it’s filmed in HD. American networks seem to be alergic to non-HD widescreen shows, which doesn’t make much sense seeing as 95% of tvs sold now days are widescreen and widescreen is the standard tv screen format. Aussie networks have been filming in WS since 2001! Hurry up USA!

  8. Glad to see amazing race back! Flash forward should go on 7two, seven gave it a good chance last year but the writers really let them down after 4 or so eps. From what I’ve heard the second half of the season is better, but for most it’s come a bit too late.

    @franz chong: If The Matty johns show is a ‘disgusting bogan show’ then what does that make Couger Town?

  9. looking forward to the amazing race 🙂
    flashforward wont last long at 10:30, the second ep only got roughly 350,000 viewers, shouldve moved it to 7two rather than keeping it on 7.

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