Axed: Cold Case, Numb3rs, Christine, Ghost Whisperer, Gary, Accidentally

CBS has taken the axe to several of its long running shows including Ghost Whisperer and Cold Case.

CBS has taken the axe to several of its long running shows.

The New Adventures of Old Christine and Ghost Whisperer, both of which were previously expected to return are gone.

But Warner Bros. TV is expected to shop Christine to ABC, which has shown interest in the past.

Cold Case saw its audience drop below 10 million viewers this season.  It only just survived the ace twelve months ago. Expensive music rights have also prevented the show from being released on DVD.

Gary Unmarried, Accidentally on Purpose and Miami Medical were also not renewed.

Numb3rs has actually been cancelled for some time, as the show ended its run and its stars went off to star in new pilots.

Rules of Engagement and Medium have been renewed. Some good news anyway…

Source: Variety

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  1. I think it is really f”ing stupid that they moved ghostwhisperer to 7 two. I am a huge fan of the show and have never missed an episode of it and then they decide to move it to a channel that I dont get. not happy

  2. Shame Ghost Whisperer is gone. Speaking of which it doesn’t make sense why 7TWO are airing repeats of GW twice a week when there’s new episodes yet to air. David do you know when 7 / 7TWO will show them?

  3. Nooo!!! They can’t do that to us “Cold Case” fans!!!
    We may never get to see it on dvd due to the music rights!!!
    That’s not fair!!!!
    That was one of my favourite shows.
    Not Happy Jan!!! 🙁

    I hope Ch 9 at least shows the remaining episodes at a reasonable time!!!

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