Axed: Heroes, Mercy, Trauma

More axings this week….

SciFi drama Heroes has been axed by NBC. Despite seriously being considered for a shortened final season, the high cost of the drama, declining ratings and the number of new hour-longs coming to NBC next season, dictated its demise.

Sources say the network is still leaving the door open to conclude the show with a special or movie. has also reported sources are saying hospital drama Mercy and emergency drama Trauma are also dead.

FlashForward, which was speculated to have been cut, is now confirmed as axed.

All four shows have been Seven titles in Australia.

Source: Hollywood Reporter,


  1. if they do a hereos conclusion i’ll watch through to it. otherwise not. i stopped after the lame season 2 and just never got around to the rest.

    flashforward is a tricky one. i have only watched the first half which i enjoyed. however do i watch the second half which is build up on my iq or delete now i know it wont be continued. anyone know if it wraps up nicely?

  2. Flash Forward cancelled and V renewed. This must be the altverse from Fringe, the one where lead beats gold (silver anyway). Either that or someone set off a nuke on the Lost island and we’re in their alternate timeline.

  3. Although for some reason I watched the whole series, seasons 2-4 were like watching a slow moving train crash. I just wanted to see if it would go anywhere but it never did.

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