CW: Melrose axed, final Smallville season.

The CW Network has confirmed that the upcoming 10th season of Smallville will conclude the long-running series.

Actor Tom Welling, who plays Clark Kent, spilled the news to on Wednesday, the day before the network’s upfront presentation featuring its new slate of programming.

On Tuesday, the CW renewed One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected for next season, and also picked up the new series Nikita and Hellcats. The network also cancelled Melrose Place.

Source: EOnline, TV Guide


  1. Not very surprising they cancelled Melrose, it actually was solid at the end but poor storylines and characters at the beginning just turned off.
    Hope to see Katie Cassidy in something else because she was the star in MP.

  2. Four word “Out of this world” show God I just love smallville, after waiting for a long 8 years for smallville to come so awesome for season 9. I just love it so much. Now I am all depressed and sad and no more waiting for smallville on Friday. Please someone, someone out there tell me when the season 10 going to start. I just cannot wait anymore. Also anyone, who was the women in hospital outside tests room, maybe checkmate women or some other government operative or maybe Lex Luthor sidekick.

  3. I have enjoyed all nine seasons so far … 10 seasons is a fantastic run … and i think that will be a perfect time to move on …

  4. John Jackson

    Wow.. wonder if there will be a spin-off series of Smallville or not. Anyway I hope Michael Rosenbaum (lex) can make a return for the last series and that you finally see Clark in the suit and flying.

    Just a shame that in Australia we aren’t really up to date. 9 gave the series to 10, they screened it then moved it to 10HD. 10HD sadly is no more, I thought new Smallville was then sold to FOX8 but finally now when FOX8 should be screening unseen episodes in Australia, they’re just running repeats. So it is sad that 9 couldn’t hold onto it and possibly be now airing it on Go.

  5. aww, shame! i Loved the original melrose!… is this season gunna be played in australia still david? I know ten has the rights.. maybe itl be on the new digital channel when it comes out.

  6. I started off as a fan way back when Channel 9 aired the first season (those were the days!!), even though the “Kryptonite freak of the week” concept did have me rolling my eyes from time to time. And the whole romance side of things becoming a corny version of Dawson’s Creek (almost enough to turn me off the show), when the show went missing from 9’s schedule… it took awhile but gradually the additional seasons started being released despite not airing on FTA and i’d collect them as they came out. Season 4 wasn’t flash (again was tempted to not continue to follow the show), but seasons 5 & 6 got things back on track.

    I’ll be interested to see how they wrap up the series in the next year.

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