Seven to launch The X Factor

The Seven Network has confirmed The X Factor for 2010 with Kyle Sandilands, Natalie Imbruglia, Guy Sebastian and Ronan Keating as judges and mentors.

The Seven Network has confirmed The X Factor for 2010 with Kyle Sandilands, Natalie Imbruglia, Guy Sebastian and Ronan Keating as judges and mentors.

There is no age limit on contestants with both solo and groups divided into four categories: Boys under 25, Girls under 25, the over 25s and Groups.

The winner will land a contract with Sony Music Australia.

The series is to be produced by FremantleMedia Australia who produced Australia’s first version of the Simon Cowell-created format for TEN in 2005, hosted by Daniel MacPherson.

Seven had previously denied it was set to air the show and commented that the rights being shopped around were too high. But with the success of Australia’s Got Talent and absence of Australian Idol it has locked onto the new show.

Seven CEO David Leckie said today: “It’s a bloody great show. What an incredible line-up of judges.”

FremantleMedia Australia’s CEO Ian Hogg added: “We are delighted to be working with Seven and Sony Music on this phenomenally successful format. Our creative team are determined to make this show something very special, a program that will resonate deeply with Australian audiences. Sony will launch the career of our series winner so you can be sure that X Factor contestants will soon dominate the airwaves.”

A host is yet to be announced.

Auditions will begin this month:

Sunday May 30 and Monday May 31

Wednesday June 2

Saturday June 5, Sunday June 6 and Monday June 7

Saturday June 12, Sunday June 13 and Monday June 14

Saturday June 19 and Sunday June 20

Full audition details are available at www.xfactortv.com.au

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  1. Oppppppps what else can you say Matt Newton hosting the X Factor show.WOW another good looking person to watch on TV………………….

  2. In behalf of Filipino Australia of the Hunter Valley, we can’t wait to watch the X Factor show. It will be interesting to watch another talent show in Australia, were Guy Sebastian,Ronan Keating,Natalie and Kyle will be judging……………………………

  3. they have been flogging it that much, it’s embarassing. they are trying to entice prospects to the fact kyle will be teaching them something. gawd that will be a winner won’t it. those people should just ignor everything he says

  4. Noooo Make it stop! We were rid of Idol for goodness sake we don’t need this rubbish back. Having said that Seven does incredible business with the Talent show so this will probably rate through the roof.

  5. @Jerome, just saw. Strangely they advertised it very late at night (well, it was when I saw it). Seems odd that they’d potentially run two reality TV shows at the same time.

  6. X-Factor is huge in the UK. Can’t wait to see it’s return but what’s with the June 1st age cutoff date??? It’s adverftised as a singing competition for “’16 to 25 year olds”. My daughter turns 16 in the 1st week of June and will be 16 at the time of audition but will not be eligible because of the June 1st cutoff. It just doesn’t make sense. With auditions through until June 20th, the cutoff date should be at least until then or just make it June 30th like Idol.

  7. @ John

    The format has to be 4 judges. Its how it works and its very successful to do so.

    I cant wait. I say bring it on. Sure there is Kyle and i think he is the weak link but i have been waiting for one of the big networks to pick this show up again and its happening. This show is going to be huge. You look at the old show on TEN and it just wasnt done right. The wrong people were judging. The host was the only talent on it last time.

    This time around we have Ronan and Nat who are just awesome artists in their own right and then Guy who knows what it takes to win a contest like this. Then there is Kyle. I think he is the shows weak link but he is there and i guess i will have to get used to that.

  8. If it is done with a new face hosting,not Daniel,not Grant then i will watch.
    If it is done with 3 judges,not 4 (Kyle) then i will watch.

    Looks like i won’t be watching.

  9. I think it will be awesum! Ronan Keating is super talented he has been my idol since I was 8!! Kyle is just grabbing for anything to get himself accepted and like again… (not sure how that’s working) and Guy is pretty talented too ..Not sure why they wanted Natalie tho… like someone else mentioned above “her last album”…lol Does anyone know how u would go about getting into the audience? I’ve been to the official website but it doesn’t say..

  10. Here we go again, just when I thought it was safe on the airwaves,Xfactor takes over from Idol. Kyle just wants to “be” Simon Cowell something he will never even come close to.. Simon is the creator of these shows, Kyle’s just a wannabe. How on earth will he mentor anyone. The less I say about Sebastian the better, don’t want to offend anyone. Natalie Imbruglia’s star faded years ago, the best of the group is Ronan Keating, but even the press release and ensuing articles, have him as ex “Westlife” member …”insert Brian McFadden’s name”, they must have forgotten to change the copy. so I’m guessing Ronan was second choice. Everyone knows Keatings boyband was Boyzone…and it was McFadden in Westlife, how embarrassing.
    I could think of many more suitable Judges if it has to be. Hopefully they won’t overexpose DMac, and have him hosting. Channel 7 has a tendancy to do that (insert Grant Denyer).


  11. i think they should try to get hamish and andy to host (just like Ant and Dec). they would add an element of fun and pull a young audience. what is there contract with ten? i know they have signed on for four specials but they aren’t network personalities are they?

  12. I wonder if Seven is re-doing versions of TEN’s other failed reality shows. I for one would love to see a Seven-ised version of Rene’s/Yasmin’s (Not) Getting Married. LMAO

  13. Just a continuation from another franchise from overseas or should that be product from overseas, very cheap television.

    What we haven’t seen is these type of shows migrating or immigrating from Pay TV.

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