Spoiler: 24 finale pics

In the US 24 will bow out one night after the Lost finale -May 24 of course.

Aussie viewers will have to wait a little longer for the small screen exit of Jack Bauer on 7TWO (although with a feature film in development it’s pretty clear how he won’t be ending!).

But what does it mean for the show’s other characters?

Photos published on NY Post could give a hint. Make sure you really wanna know before you go….

Check them out here.


  1. [sarcasm]

    Oh no David! How dare you warn me of spoilers and info me several times there are pictrues that will spoil the ending for me.. you are an evil and mean man!

    Oh no

    [end sarcasm]

    Just waiting for the onflow of idiots in this post who didnt see the Spoiler tag…

  2. Yea where 7Wo are is a couple weeks behind…
    & after a little slow the show just keeps getting better & better…
    Crazy Jack is just the best 😀

  3. that’s all folks!

    no more 24 (on the small screens) and no more Lost. It’s been fun though

    didn’t realized how far behind 24 was on 7TWO. And after Tuesday’s shock episode, i just couldn’t wait no more, I just had to catch up

    after season 8’s slow start, this season really is top-tier 24 stuff. Good see it leave the small screen on a high

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