The Boss Is Coming To Nine’s Dinner

Shine Australia will produce a new series for Nine in which job-seekers will invite potential employers home for a dinner party.

Take one part Undercover Boss, lightly sprinkle with My Kitchen Rules, and stir gently….?

Channel Nine has announced a new format to be produced by Shine Australia, The Boss Is Coming To Dinner.

The Boss Is Coming To Dinner is a classic nightmare scenario – inviting your boss to dinner. In the past, entertaining your superiors was always considered an essential part of business practice. Now it’s being used by enterprising companies to transform the interview process.

In each episode three candidates seeking a new career opportunity host a dinner party for their potential employers in their own homes. After each dinner the boss will then invite two preferred candidates home for dinner and the final judgment.

Nine Programmer Michael Healy said, “We look forward to working with the team at Shine Australia on this new format which takes that often dreaded situation of having your boss to dinner and adds a twist – bosses of real companies and real people dining together in one of the most stressful times of their lives.”

Shine Australia CEO Mark Fennessy added: “It is said that the majority of people are hired for skills and fired for personality. In this truly compelling and engaging show we cover both. It’s the ultimate nightmare interview – inviting your boss to dinner.”

Shine Australia is also producing new projects for SBS and later, TEN.

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  1. I watched the program to night Sept 28th and I wanted to Congratulate Lajos Kovak, the Hungarian gentleman who got the limousines drivers’ job. It was the perfect chose for the job. Well done and good luck for the future. Well done.

  2. I’m sorry the shows idea was ok, but that so called boss? Nah and if those 3 were the best Queensland has to offer this country is in big trouble. $100,000 for a trainee your not serious do they think we are all stupid? If the young girl gets that sort of money what money is the boss on? and if she was on say $200,000 why did she dress the way she did ? She has no class at all. R.D

  3. What a Joke this boss was. Everyone and I mean everyone knew who should have got the job and it wasn’t the young girl either .. Who would want to work for someone like her.. I feel sorry for her family..

  4. If channel nine was really serious about this program, they would have hired an executive from a top-tier firm, not some want-to-be-famous pharmacy rep. Next time, use a real organisation, with real talent and source people who have the ability to conduct themselves in a professional manner. What the hell were you thinking with that woman??? She needs a good make-over…

  5. Last nights episode of The Boss is coming to Dinner just proves to me that ageism is alive and well. The experienced well presented 55 yearold was passed over for a young inexperienced attracive person.

    At 59 I am experiencing exactly this senario when applying for jobs I have many years experience in my field and after 18 months of applying, I still have’nt secured a position and I have heard almost word for word the explanation the 55 year old received.

    Such exposure of this kind is high detrimental and against Government initiatives for people to stay in emplyment to retirement age and beyond.

  6. This show is a low brow program. The boss seems to be non-genuine, she requires a stylist to look at her attire and her etiquette. It is obvious that you are targetting a different demographic to my household. How can you take this seriously when the candidates have no experience or skills. It’s like the apprentice meets trailer trash.

  7. Sounds like an old epsiode of Bewitched. You know – when the boss Larry Tait gets invited home for dinner by Darren…and then the magic begins but it all goes pear-shaped. Brilliant.

  8. Bring back Ladette to Lady! That’s the kind of reality crap that I Love to watch. Or what about a “local” version of Wife Swap, Cheaters or perhaps something a little more tasteful like Amazing Race.

    There’s an Amazing Race Asia, surely they could partner with that production team to make it into an Amazing Race Australiasia? Then again, Channel 7 may not be too happy about that.

  9. undercover boss and my kitchen rules are great. i think a clash of the 2 sounds good. c’mon guys you are always saying you want new ideas from the networks. here it is! there is never going to be a show that you can’t make any remote links to another show. especially when we only have a few lines to describe it. i guess some people will never be pleased.

    but “The Boss Is Coming To Dinner” is a bit of a mouthful what about just “The Boss is Coming”

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