7TWO update

A few more changes coming up for 7TWO later this month see both Murphy Brown and That 70s Show added to weeknight schedules. Both will begin from their Pilot episodes. The latter has 4 episodes, to move in after the end of 24 next week.

UK musical drama Britannia High will also air early mornings.

Mon June 28
6:00 The Amazing Race S10
At the start line in Seattle, Washington, twelve new teams are set for a journey that host Phil Keoghan promises is full of unexpected surprises.

7:00 Murphy Brown

Tue June 29
7:30 That ’70s Show Pilot 4 eps

Wed June 30
7:40am Britannia High


  1. My guess is they are starting at season 10 because the rights for the previous seasons may have expired I don’t know for sure if this applys to The Amazing Race as well but have heard that the networks only have the rights to a lot of shows or seasons for a certain number of years

  2. OMG, I love The Amazing Race. So happy it’ll be on weeknights! I agree that they should start at season 1, I haven’t seen any from before season 12.

  3. The mole was an excellent Australian tv concept and show (minus the Tom Williams hosted one), so why aren’t we seeing more shows like this, and less australia’s got talent clones (x factor and minute to win it).

  4. They’ve already showed at least one Grant Bowler hosted series of The Mole on 7TWO, but it was buried in some obscene slot after midnight on a Wednesday or Thursday..

  5. I love that TAR is on; but agree I would love to see it from the beginning; I’m only a recent convert only have watched the past 3 seasons including the current!! So would love to go back and watch the older ones; it is one awesome show!!

  6. Will definitely watch the TAR repeats, although I too would prefer seeing the early editions again – Season 1 will always be the best. Foxtel used to air them but now only focuses on the later seasons – repeatedly.

    Is there a particular reason why Survivor is never repeated here? Repeats air on US cable TV. The earlier seasons are worth rewatching to see how the game changed – it used to focus more on the social aspect and the real physical struggle to survive. Recent seasons have lost that element, focusing so heavily on the challenges that you end up feeling like you don’t even know the players until halfway through the season. It’s also fun to see how Jeff evolved too. It would also be nice to finally see Season 4 which never aired because of Survivor Australia.

  7. why are they rushing throgh Ugly betty when they don’t seem to have a proper replacement for it?

    TAR weeknights is a good idea. hope it takes off and they can get into other reality shows like The Mole.

  8. Is that 6pm or 6am for The Amazing Race??
    S10 is a good season, I wish they played the really early seasons though that I haven’t seen for years.

  9. I’m confused; is Amazing Race airing nightly at 6pm or just Monday nights? And why is murphy brown at 6.30 when the amazing race is 1 hour long?

  10. Fyi Seven – I now have a reason to watch 7Two. I love how it is on at six-thirty on the same time as Today Tonight – one is a pretend show with real journalists and one is a real show with pretend journalists.

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