Comedy Channel drops Letterman, Fallon, Leno

Not very good news for fans of late night US TV hosts on the Comedy Channel.

Some readers have been asking about changes coming to the Comedy Channel regarding late night US TV hosts.

Unfortunately it isn’t good news…

A Foxtel spokesperson tells TV Tonight, “From July 1 Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno will come out of The Comedy Channel schedule.

“The Late Night Legends programming block has recently performed below expectations within that time slot.

“From July 1 Saturday Night Live encore screenings can be seen weeknights from 10.30pm.”

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  1. Why can’t the Comedy Channel screen them during the day? Then if we couldn’t see them, we could at least tape them. Leno was one of the reasons we got pay-tv more than a decade ago. Hiss-boo to the Comedy Channel.

  2. I felt really offended today when free to air TV was playing one of Biden’s gaffes – i should have seen it first! SNL repeats? SNL suffers with age – a lot of the comedy really dates. Even the current episodes play what seems like weeks after they have already been discussed on The View, and some of the segments make references to things that are so obscure i just can’t be bothered to watch the whole show for the 10 minutes that is actually funny.

  3. This whole year has sucked. First we have to put up with Leno being the biggest ass on the planet. We’re just getting by without any Conan, and now they scrap them all! I wouldn’t give a crap if they canned Leno, and Letterman is always on FTA, but Jimmy was getting better and Kimmel was great!

    Comedy Channel you better pick up Conan in November! Or else I’m dropping my subscription and saving my money. We already pay too much, it’s a bunch of ads and repeats. And now they are giving us more repeats!

    Let’s face it, even SNL fans don’t watch it on the comedy channel because a. its shown way after it was in the US, b. they cut large chunks out of it. c. We are happy to get it by “other ways”.

    And Nathan, I was going to join your facebook group but I couldn’t bring myself to join anything with Leno as the display and saying he was a legend. Sorry

  4. I am really upset that Jay Leno show has been dropped off the Comedy Channel. I have watched it and enjoyed his monologues which are the most relevant and up to date on TV. He was the only reason I was watching the Comedy Channel. I’m afraid it has now been a waste of money of including it in my Foxtel subscription. Fix it ASAP.

  5. We’re finding we just don’t turn on the Comedy Channel at all since last week. Ever since 1999 we’ve been watching the late night shows on CC and now they’ve lost us as viewers altogether.

    Good job Comedy Channel.

    I’ll have to review the packages to see if we can save by dropping the one with the Comedy Channel, guess it depends what else is lumped with it.

    You know you can get the late night shows off the web (not legally). But if we go down that path, then do we need Foxtel at all???

  6. For David Knox:

    David can you please tell us if you think Comedy or any other channel could possibly show Leno, Fallon, Kimmel in the near future? Is there any chance whatsoever?

    Also the new Conan show from Nov 8, when will rights likely be decided?

    Will Letterman pay TV rights go to a different Foxtel channel, maybe Fox8 or Arena?

    Please let us know your best guess as to what is likely to happen with these 5 late night talk shows here! Thanks.

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