Returning: Highway Patrol

Seven is returning its police factual Highway Patrol later this month.

The show returns with two episodes from 7:30pm Wednesday June 30th, with the second episode billed as a “Hot Wheels Special.”

Buckle up and get ready to enter the world of Australia’s Traffic Police. Tonight, officers track down a truckie who has blocked a highway during peak hour. A breath test reveals a lot more about a driver than first expected. And a car is clocked doing 148 km per hour in an 80 zone, but the driver has no plans to pull over.

In a special episode, officers from the Highway Patrol are called in join members of the air wing, dog squad and force response units to deal with a crowd of 2000 people who riot over the cancellation of a car rally. When the crowds start breaking into shops and looting the situation reaches crisis point.


  1. secureguard

    Great Australian reality cop show. It’s about time the Victoria Police opened up abit to show what response they get from motorist. The only one’s that will knock this show are the one’s holding penalty notices. Keep up the good work channel seven and Vic police.

  2. yeh this ones not too bad, more like our version of cops or those speed chase shows in the US. Was rating not too bad last year either. Still too many factuals, shouldnt have more than 2 in a week, but Seven will eventually be having the Force, new Border Security, that Damage Control show.. farout.

  3. Despite Seven’s Overuse of factual-type shows, this one stands out in a league of its own.

    Constable Megan Dewinne (spelling?), a champion.

  4. i think it is June 30 not 29th.

    airways i supposed to return ‘later this year’ i hope that comes back to follow. that russel crowe sporting factual seems to have gone quite. i wonder if that is still coming?

  5. Wow, the Hot Wheels Special sounds like a mix between a few of Channel Seven’s factuals all in one amazing episode. how exciting…….

  6. Awesome. Love this show. Wish it was a bit more like ‘Motorway Patrol’ and ‘Cops’ where they deal with one ‘incident’ at a time – gets a bit annoying when they jump around, but I find this is good entertainment. Plus Victoria will never ever run out of subjects for us to laugh at!

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