Terminator update

GO! has advised its programming plans for the final 3 eps of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Some readers have been asking about programming of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on GO!

Episode 19 airs tonight on GO! but it is not continuing in next week’s schedule, replaced by Movie: Cruel Intentions . Blame Reaper on 7TWO for that one, pulling away too many viewers.

GO! has advised it will air the remaining three episodes following Saturday movies as follows:

Ep 20 / 21 10:30pm Sat July 3
Ep 22 final 11:30pm Sat July 11

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  1. @Paull – yes TSCC didn’t get a 3rd season because of declining ratings, which is a shame because it’s left with what I call a non ending, to many questions to be answered.

    Unlikely to be reversed as production ended more than a year ago, the cast and crew have gone on to other things and a TV movie is unlikely given the original cinema movies.

    It’s a case of a show with a good idea to expand the franchise but getting screwed up in the 2nd year execution.

  2. Reaper is a good show – unlike this series, which was never that interesting at all. As for critically acclaimed? In what universe? People laughed at the second season and the whole Sarah-Connor-trapped-in-a-dream plot. Thomas Dekker’s ham acting didn’t help things either

  3. Well, Craig, they were operating under the belief they would be getting another season, considering despite the mediocre ratings there was a large amount of critical acclaim and a supportive fanbase. The ending is disappointing, confusing, et cetera, but I’m sure that such a well-written show would have given us many seasons of quality television afterward if not for the narrow-mindedness of Fox.

  4. Blame 7TWO, good going GO!

    ITA I hope they give the few remaining fans warning of this changed for the last 3 episodes.

    Not to spoil anyone but I found the ending underwhelming and confusing, but that might just be me.

  5. This is one of the worst, and oddest, programming decisions I’ve seen. People who rely on print out guides/ the fact that if a show has been airing in the same spot for a few months it naturally would presumably continue airing in that spot until the end of the season/ series (in this case 3 episodes before the series ends), won’t know about this change and thus miss out.

    GO! Better air advertisements advising viewers of the change in time.

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