Finale wrap

Here's where to tune in for last ever episodes of 24, Flashforward, Ugly Betty, Men in Trees, ER, Terminator.

While we’re talking finales, here are the dates for the last ever episodes of some favourite shows:

24 double episode finale 8:30pm Tuesday June 22 7TWO

Flashforward 11:30pm Thu June 24 Seven

Ugly Betty 6:00pm Fri June 25 7TWO

Men in Trees 4:30pm Sun June 27 Nine (check local guide)

ER final 9:35pm Thu July 8 GO!

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 11:00pm Sat July 10 GO!

and it won’t be long until Nip / Tuck.

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  1. Seen some of these finals that long ago I’ve forgotten most of them, I do remember I was disappointed with Terminator, ER was good and the only reason I watched it was Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls) was one of the guest stars for the final. FlashForward was clearly set up for a 2nd season, if only the show had worked. Men In Trees was another show that died out before it’s time. I lost interest in 24 years ago and have been meaning to catch up on Ugly Betty, one day.

  2. That’s extremely disrespectful for fans of Ugly Betty. They fast forwarded the series by doubling up episodes from 6.30pm and now they show the last episode on another night in another timeslot. I was hoping that digital multi channels were going to give us a chance to see all the shows we like but it’s just back to a chase for ratings and demographics, so the loyal viewers lose out again.

  3. @Bogues: I’d be hoping for continuations not remakes. V hasn’t been bad but the new Knight Rider was embarrassingly awful and clearly aimed at teenagers (or written by one).

  4. there are 5 episodes left in the Men In Trees Series – so if channel nine are only airing one epsiode this sunday in sydney – that leaves 4 episodes left not seeing how that leaves them showing the finale – looks like yet another series i’ll have to watch the end of online as free to air channels don’t show the full series (yes i know it’s like 4 years old but have really enjoyed the sunday afternoon showings)

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