Aaron battered from MasterChef

Aaron Harvie has been eliminated from MasterChef Australia.

The 37 year old band manager lost out to Alvin Quah in a pressure test.

Alvin, Aaron and Jimmy had all faced off in a challenge that required them to name various species of fish.

Jimmy, who had recently been added back into the game, came out on top, sending popular contestants Aaron and Alvin into a head to head battle cooking Fish & Chips.

Both took a different approach to the dish, with Alvin adding some Asian flavours while Aaron served up a classic Fish & Chips.

But Harvie was upbeat in defeat, acknowledging all that he had learned in the contest.

“I reignited my creative side. It’s like another part of me has woken up,” he said.

“For that I will be enteranlly grateful.”

The remaining six contestants for the finals week are Adam, Claire, Courtney, Callum, Jimmy and Alvin.


  1. I sincerely hope next year’s series eliminates the contestants performing PTCs whilst having to explain every … tiny … little … exposition. Repeatedly! It’s mind numbing stuff, especially as they mostly sound incredibly unspontaneous whilst doing so. Not their fault and they shouldn’t have to do it. If i hear one more … “so I began by running to the shelves, picking out my ingredients, whilst at the same time worrying like mad I was going to be eliminated, because tonight one of us would be going home … !”

  2. Yeah, I recorded it on my PS3 and made the mistake of dropping into TVTonight while I was waiting for my other half to get home. Whoops! Not David’s fault

    Alvin for the win!

  3. I’m sad that Aaron is gone from Masterchef because he was my favourite contestant, but I’m glad that Alvin and Adam are still in it and I hope one of them will win

  4. I only like Adam and Alvin now, the others are all totally meh.

    I really don’t understand the Claire love, she is boring, boring, boring and barely even done anything good the whole competition.

  5. Hi David.

    I have recorded MasterChef on my IQ and haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. Could you please not write an article on the elimination episodes until I send you the relevant email allowing you to do so. It would be much appreciated. In this situation, I can still happily peruse your website and know that MasterChef will not be spoilt for me. Just a head’s up that sometimes I don’t watch my prerecorded programs for a week so your articles will well and truly be fresh by that point.

    On a serious note, who the hell is coming to an up-to-date, leading the pack type of Television website when they are fans of the biggest rating show in Australia? I live in SA and know that if I don’t want MC ruined, I stay away from this site, Twitter and sometimes even my own Facebook news feed.

    Keep up the good work David.

  6. Aaron isn’t a favourite of mine in terms of cooking ability but I have always enjoyed watching him. His comments are quite amusing and he’s a lot of fun (sometimes he can be a bit of a w*nker, but fun nevertheless). Despite not being the best cook there, he’s freaking Marion compared to Jimmy. If that was a cooking challenge that did not involve spices, he would not have survived but alas…

  7. It was sad to see Aaron leave last night. It should have been Jimmy. Oh and thanks a million Channel TEN for a split second whoever does your captioning got it wrong and announced Alvin the winner of the challenge on the 2nd ad break back from Jimmy being ousted. It was only for that short time but enough for me to see it.

    Jimmy doesnt deserve to be there. Sorry but he just doesnt. Marion should be there but hey thats how it goes but Jimmy, sorry but i am not happy at all. He has to go. If he makes it past the top 6 stage i will be really disappointed. As for Courtney she was wrongly done by and i think she has proved why she is there now. She was wrongly booted for getting it too precise the first time so i am happy to see her back, but Jimmy sorry no way. He cant cook anything other than Indian and his cooking to me isnt up to scratch.

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