Spirited launch

Foxtel held an intimate launch for Spirited in Melbourne yesterday, ahead of the show’s premiere on W in late August.

In attendance were Performer / Producer Claudia Karvan, Writer / Producer Jacquelin Perske, Producer John Edwards (fresh from his Offspring launch the night before) Director of Television Brian Walsh, Drama Consultant Kim Vecera, and cast members Rodger Corser and Angus Sampson.

Perske, who also created Love My Way, says the show is a mix of ‘Bewitched meets The Office.’

Walsh told the gathering it was a perfect show for Foxtel with its edgy and playful nature.

The show joins Tangle and the forthcoming Killing Time as part of Subscription TV’s drama slate.

A Sydney launch for the show will follow next month.

It airs on W on August 25th.


  1. Can’t wait to hear opinions regarding Matt King once the show airs. He’s an absolute gem in the series. Apparently he comes from a comedic background, which makes sense as his timing’s perfect. He and Claudia Karvan make an excellent onscreen duo. Is anyone familiar with his work?

  2. Bewitched & The Office? Well I was confused as to what this show is, before, now I have no clue! Seems an odd one for all the parties involved. Risky? You bet.

  3. David if you havent seen it, there is also a proper trailer for this show on youtube

    Ducko, i believe the “Tangle” and “Satisfaction” launches have been held in Sydney as well

  4. I always think it makes sense to have a programme launch in a city other than the one where it was produced. I know there are logistics problems, but maybe Ten could learn from this for future launches.

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