Winners & Losers drama testing for feedback

Channel Seven is testing its drama pilot Winners and Losers with online sample groups.

Channel Seven is testing its drama pilot Winners and Losers with online sample groups.

As first revealed by TV Tonight, the drama centres around females, in this case a group of four, Bec, Jen, Frances, and Sophie who reunite after being invited to a school reunion by Tiffany Turner (Michala Banas, McLeod’s Daughters), a girl whom everyone once despised.

The group were the ‘losers’ back in school and taunted by Tiffany. After the reunion they purchase a lotto ticket and become winners (coincidentally a lottery win was the premise for Nine’s Chances, a set-up it soon abandoned for more outrageous plots).

Filmed in Melbourne, the pilot is said to include Virginia Gay (All Saints), Melanie Vallejo (Packed to the Rafters), Damien Bodie, Eliza Taylor-Cotter, and Blair McDonough (all from Neighbours) plus Francis Greenslade (Newstopia, The Micallef Program), Denise Scott (The 7PM Project), Lawrence Mooney (The White Room) and Scott McGregor (Temptation).

Testing of Pilots with audiences is certainly not new, and when your investment is as major as a new drama it makes a lot of sense.


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  1. Steve Says : I think channel seven has backed a winner , the show is entertaining and witty . The main characters are all interesting in their own way !
    I started watching the show from ep 4 and 5 and yes “winners and losers” i am Hooked !!!!

    * Please keep Michala Banas as a regular on the show ,her playing the bitch gives the show a character we all love to hate Lol

  2. We watched it too, as part of the survey … a couple of corny scenes, but overall we loved it and wanted more …. hope it makes it. Scott had a small scene, but Blair was good !

  3. Great feedback! Has any of the people who have seen the pilot able to let us know how you got chosen to be one of the test audience and how one might go about signing up to be a potential test audience for things like this???

  4. DC: Blair plays the boyfriend of one of the 4 girls, but as Scott said, the characters background and history and relationships were very breif. As a guy, I didn’t mind it too much but it was a very female early to late 20s target audience. I don’t think the 30s-40s audience will warm to it as much since all the women seem to be single or have boyfriends and havent settled down yet in life. They all seemed immature characters for their age (well they acted like that in the pilot!).

    The main key to the show will be where they go next now the “losers” have won lotto? Will this be the main theme in the show? The show is half serious half light hearted comedy but it is boring on being a bit over the top, unless they change it.

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