Prisoner favourite revives role

On Monday night a favourite Australian TV character is revived for one night only when ‘Frankie Doyle’ makes a rare appearance on stage.

Actress Carol Burns will resurrect her famed Prisoner role as part of the fundraising Hats Off BrizVegas event at the Playhouse, QPAC. She first played the tough lesbian role in 1979.

The Prisoner Sketch will also feature Brisbane actresses including Penny Everingham as Lizzie Birdsworth (originally Sheila Florence) Karen Crone as Doreen Burns (originally Collette Mann); Sue Dwyer as Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson (originally Maggie Kirkpatrick) and Amy Ingram as Roo Morgan (originally Sally McKenzie).

The sketch is written by Paul Dellit and Kelly Lefever (an original writer for Prisoner).

Proceeds from this concert will benefit The HOPE Fund to assist people living with HIV/AIDS.

Tickets are $40. Bookings: 136 246.

p.s. We so want this on YouTube later please!


  1. @ Billy i agree, however i just had a look at the poll and the competition isnt that hot, Number 96, great show but looking pretty dated whereas Prisoner apart from having its cheesy factor deals with issue still very relevant to todays world. Its A Knockout, E Street & Richmond Hill, umm …need i say more.

  2. Brilliant! I used to watch every episode when I grew up in the UK (where it is known as ‘Prisoner : Cell Block H’. Frankie Doyle was a terrifying creature, brilliantly played by Carol Burns.

  3. Very interesting to see this cos in the show Frankie Doyle never met Joan Ferguson . They were years apart . There is a voting poll on in Entertainment asking about Australian shows to be repeated on Ten’s new digital channel and Prisoner is the highest voted one. No surprise .

    • Clearly it’s an affectionate take on Prisoner in the spirit of the occasion. I think they are even planning to suggest Frankie is back to rescue ‘flagging ratings.’ Would be fun to watch.

  4. Due to being too young at the time, I only ever saw Prisoner when it was repeated by ch 10 in the 90’s and was completely blown away by Franky. Would love to see her back on television in some shape or form or in some sort of Prisoner spinoff, a great actress.

  5. Isn’t it amazing that this character is still remembered 30 years later and she only lasted in the show for 20 episodes when she made her shock exit. What a legend! There’s been nothing like her or the show ever since. The networks would be crazy to not bring Prisoner back on one of the digital channels.

  6. sounds fantastic , wish it could be in Melbourne , where Prisoner was set !!
    Seeing this will make you want to see the first 20 Prisoner episodes again .

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