Speers to host last minute forum

Updated: David Speers will moderate The People's Forum - Brisbane with Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard live on SKY News.

It doesn’t sound like we’ll be getting another head to head Debate with Gillard and Abbott tonight.

Officials on both sides spent much of yesterday in a farce, unable to agree on the finer details of a Debate both wanted to have.

Both will turn up to a community forum at Broncos Leagues Club in Brisbane today, organised by the Courier Mail.

While Julia Gillard wants a one hour Debate on the Economy, Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, insisted on a half-hour debate that would have been on the ABC last night. The Prime Minister made the offer through Q & A on Monday.

Tonight’s People’s Forum in Brisbane will follow a similar format to last week’s meeting at the Rooty Hill RSL, with  Abbott taking the stage at 6pm to take questions from about 200 Queensland voters.  Gillard will then front the same audience at 7.30pm.

The event, organised by The Courier Mail, will be broadcast live on SKY News and moderated by the network’s political editor, David Speers.

A media blackout on advertising begins at midnight.

The Labor party has had to pull its humorous ”Time Warp” ad from YouTube because of a copyright claim by Rocky Horror Picture Show writer Richard O’Brien.

Forum details are as follows:
SKY News will tonight, in association with The Courier Mail, present The People’s Forum – Brisbane live from 6pm.

Moderated by SKY News Political Editor David Speers, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott will take questions from 200 Queensland voters for one hour at 6pm at Broncos Leagues Club in Red Hill.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard will take to the floor at 7.30pm.

Live coverage and analysis will commence on SKY News at 5pm.

A special edition of Paul Murray Live will screen at 9.15pm with expert analysis and discussion.

The People’s Forum – Brisbane is an initiative of SKY News and The Courier Mail. A live feed of the program will be provided to all networks.

The forum will also screen live on ABC News 24.

Source: The Age, The Australian

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  1. Should have got Alan Jones or Andrew Bolt to moderate and of course the PM would struggle explaining things away. . Why hasn’t Mr Aabbitt attacked the record?

    More Bollard than Gillard.

  2. Why give him another chance to moderate? He was terrible last time. Get Tony Jones onto it – at least he pushes politicians to go further when they avoid the point being raised by the person asking the question.

  3. Why give them another opportunity to spout propaganda? It’s not like they’ll say anything new or interesting. The only reason to watch would be to see a meltdown but sadly that’s unlikely. Roll on Saturday, lets get this over with.

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