7mate releases full Guide

Timeslots announced for Last Comic Standing, Crank Yankers, Monster Garage, Fifth Gear, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and more.

7mate has now released its full guide for the first full week of programming, which fills in some TBA blanks previously detailed.

It includes screenings reruns of Highway Patrol, Scrubs, That 70s Show, Family Guy, American Dad, 30 Rock, Boston Legal, My Name is Earl, How I Met Your Mother, Stargate Atlantis, Air Crash Investigation, and movies (including a “7mate Playboy Movie”).

In addition to new shows previously noted there are also new episodes of Last Comic Standing, Crank Yankers,  Whacked Out Sports, Strikeforce and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Watch out for those ads, they are very bloody blokey.

You can download a new Guide at Advance Guides.

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  1. sapranos is great when seen in order have been watching and it seems to be all over the place without the final shows showing and now it seems you might have finished the series without the end what are you thinking of.please show the last remaining episodes thankyou.

  2. Any idea what happened to Stargate Atlantis? It was supposed to be on 7mate Thursdays 10.30pm, but Seven wasted no time in mucking their audience about, replacing it with The Event.

    Even your Advance Guide for w/c 10/10/10 still has it listed for Thursday evenings.

    Oh, and I see Yahoo7 Answers has no answer… 😉

  3. Also, they should show Gladiators on Mate. Rerun all the old seasons, plus the latest season, plus show all the old and new UK and US seasons. Would be awesome. Also wouldn’t mind seeing Robot Wars on here too!

    On another note, is Alf gonna return to 7Two soon or will they put it on 7Mate? It was all of a sudden removed from 7Two last week.

  4. No surprise whatsoever what’s being dished up,very ordinary.As mentioned before why FTA were allowed to start another channel is beyond me.People saying they are already getting sick of repeats standby it will get a lot worse……..Foxtel Anyday

  5. I’ll be watching warehouse 13, caprica, the universe, new family guy and new american dad. plus any movies I haven’t seen. I want to see season 1 of prison break again but I expect it will come to this channel at some point so I can wait.

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