7mate releases full Guide

7mate has now released its full guide for the first full week of programming, which fills in some TBA blanks previously detailed.

It includes screenings reruns of Highway Patrol, Scrubs, That 70s Show, Family Guy, American Dad, 30 Rock, Boston Legal, My Name is Earl, How I Met Your Mother, Stargate Atlantis, Air Crash Investigation, and movies (including a “7mate Playboy Movie”).

In addition to new shows previously noted there are also new episodes of Last Comic Standing, Crank Yankers,  Whacked Out Sports, Strikeforce and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Watch out for those ads, they are very bloody blokey.

You can download a new Guide at Advance Guides.


  1. @vinny: Lost has been upscaled SD on Seven for the past two seasons. I fully expect that policy to carry over to pretty much everything else on their blokey schedule.

  2. aww yyyeeraaahhh, these are for true blokes & top shelias…real working class stuff..for people who say ‘beeeeerraaahhh” and not “beer” and those who say “stralia” and not “australia”..for those who think going to bali is an international trip and who think the arts/galleries/creative people/ are all “poofters”…who cheered at the pathetic 10 year olympic reunion..ya know…booooggaaann yobs..what 99% of oz men are.

  3. @Ararat – I don’t know if you’re joking or don’t know the sitcom?

    So next week will TEN announce a change in programing for ch11 even thought we have no schedule or launch date yet LOL

  4. Yawn….I don’t yet have a HD TV, but If I did, I’d be pretty miffed that the HD channels for nine and seven are now being replaced by channels full of crap content.

  5. Really a fun lineup, Boston Legal repeats at 10.30 mondays again, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, American Dad, Family Guy, Last Comic Standing, a ncie lineup

  6. @Ararat

    Much as Australian Football League is, or so one sincerely hopes, about some misbehaved meatheads being buried up to 5.5km underground (which may still not
    be a depth safe enough).

    And yes, It’s Always Sunny was the reference, I thought the photo and bold text might be a big enough tipoff.

    Hard to imagine why first-run award winning comedy still can’t get a reasonable timeslot. Maybe it’s not blokey enough. I could have sworn it included sexist jokes aplenty.

  7. Did I miss something on American Dad? I thought we were up to “Home Adrone” not “Shallow Vows” – are they skipping episodes or did they air them on 7 without me knowing

  8. Why are shows like Magnum, A Team, Knight Rider etc. on every day of the week including weekends? Either they haven’t got many shows in their inventory or it’s just lazy programming. It’s great to see these shows again after so long but surely they could have varied it a bit and put alternate shows on the weekends.

  9. I see no “HD” logos in that guide, even for HD shows like Lost. Guess they’re doing it on the cheap and are running it as an SD channel. What a waste.

  10. I hate the spreading out on New episodes of comedies. they should just have one marathon night for just comedies. Tuesday nights are often dull on most channels, for me anyway so tuesday night would be good. they should fast-track 30 Rock and HIMYM and then play them again on Seven like they normally would, hell fast-track Cougar Town while your at it. on Seven they could give them late night slots while on 7mate they would be on earlier.

    it would be a sweet all new ep lineup if it was like this from 7:30 – 30 Rock, HIMYM, Cougar Town, Parks & Recreation, Its Always Sunny, Family Guy, American Dad, Crank Yankers….and so on.

  11. @ Belinda – Crank Yankers was on SBS as was the other show in the guide called “Chappelles show” I am not sure if all the episodes were played out though.

    Gee is it just me or

    GO = 7 mate ?

    gem = 7 two ?

  12. So these Crank Yankers episodes haven’t been seen on SBS before? And the only native HD content is Lost, 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Boston Legal, HIMYM, Situation Critical, Caprica, The Boneyard and the movie Death at a Funeral?

  13. A whole new station and IASIP still can’t manage a decent timeslot? Yet reruns of ancient shows that have already been through high rotation are chosen to fill prime-time?

    Good going 7. *sigh*

  14. Okay, just had a read through that…where is the AFL coverage? I thought that the AFL coverage was going to be on 7Mate so they could still play it in HD…did i read it wrong.

    It doesn’t bother me too much, but i know it will bother many others.

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