Airdate: The Boss is Coming to Dinner

Wednesdays are certainly getting a shake-up on Nine.

Following the season premiere of The Block, Nine will roll-out its next reality series, The Boss is Coming to Dinner.

The show is based on a British version which has aired on Five (pictured).

Three candidates, all vying for a highly desirable job, have been shortlisted by The Boss and must stage a dinner party in an attempt to impress their prospective new employer. Once the dinners are done, and a few employment challenges have been met, The Boss invites all the candidates home for Dinner with The Boss, before making that crucial final decision and announcing the lucky candidate.

The series is another new product from Shine Australia. CEO Mark Fennessy (who presumably isn’t coming to anyone’s dinner) has previously said of the series, β€œIt is said that the majority of people are hired for skills and fired for personality. In this truly compelling and engaging show we cover both. It’s the ultimate nightmare interview – inviting your boss to dinner.”

It premieres 8:30pm Wednesday 22nd September.


  1. “Shine Australia” is obviously meant to be an ironic title.
    Well done, Mark Fennessy, take a bow.
    What a pointless and pathetic place the TV world has become.

  2. I won’t be watching The Block or The Boss is coming for dinner, they both look like boring shows. I do plan to watch The Real Hustle but i think Glee and House will be the highlight of Wednesday nights.

  3. I’m really looking forward to Nine’s Wednesday nights, it hasn’t been this good since Hey Hey was on.
    No sarcasm, Hey Hey is great.
    A little surprised The Block premiere is only an hour but that will have everyone wanting more, no doubt.

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