‘New’ to 7TWO

A classic British sitcom, and a more recent American favourite will get a run on 7TWO.

From Monday October 4th 7TWO adds the following shows to its weeknight schedule:

6:00pm Head of the Class rpt
6:30pm Growing Pains rpt
7:00pm George and Mildred rpt

As a result Ugly Betty and Airline USA will be out.

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  1. David I saw nothing from you regarding any Miami Vice programming, so not sure where you posted that…I have had it confirmed by both 7 and Universal that 7 have bought the rights to all 5 series, but obviously no news regarding when 7 will air Miami Vice and on which of their channels it will be shown…any cable channel is also free to get the rights to the show as well.

  2. @ michael – that’s awesome I haven’t seen Love Thy Neighbour or Man About The House for ages. RE The Ropers that was based on G&M but it was also a spin-off of the US version of MATH ,Three’s Company one of the rare times when the US version was actually better.

  3. I remember George and Mildred on Channel 10 , Channel 7 , the ABC , UK.TV. Now 7TWO can have a turn. Hope its a complete screening. I bought the dvds of Seasons 1 and 2 . I will have a look at 7TWO when they get to Season 3. The American version of this was The Ropers.
    I liked that too.

  4. Loved Head of the Class as a kid, though I never quite adjusted to Billy Connolly replacing Howard Hesseman in the final season. As for George-and-bloody-Mildred, do 7 have a special deal with Thames that lets them repeat the show a thousand times over for a discount? Three channels and Seven Still finds ways of repeating the same old stuff!

  5. What has been annoying about the freeeview channels is they keep adding shows that were on Foxtel sometime in the last 3 to 4 years or still are !!
    But Head of the class and Growing Pains haven’t aired anywhere for many many years. This is a very welcome rerun , unlike the 50th Friends rerun or Everybody Loves Raymond.

  6. @ APM – 7 TWO is more for older audiences.

    7 two has quite a lot of cooking shows from Foxtel they are on in non prime time slots.

    They still are playing out cancelled shows eg October Road and Mistresses and a few others I can’t think of right now.

    7 two is the place for shows that don’t work out on Seven eg Breaking The Magicians Code, Holby Blue, My Own Worst Enemy etc.

  7. Josh, I totally agree. when 7two first started it was more of a Seven times 2 channel with great shows from 7 which they didn’t have room for and played them out on a second channel but now shows like Reaper get taken off and replaced by british shows and mainly repeats now. I’ve always thought that British shows should only be on ABC, thats how it used to be.

    7two should buy more shows from foxtel that haven’t been played on FTA yet, but 7two should also have a timeshifted night. like on a friday night replay the more popular shows that people may have missed out on. 7mate’s schedule is much better, thats what 7two should have been like instead of what we’ve got now. infact, theres no need for a third channel for 7 as 7mate are playing so many repeat comedies every night, they could fit all of 7two’s and 7mate’s shows on one channel really, theres enough room on one.

  8. ok 7TWO needs to rebrand itself because its programming and target audience suck. 7 is meant to be the best FTA network and with 7 and 7mate they have a great and obvious target audience and great programming, but 7TWO has just gone down the drain. Well movies are now covered on FTA with GEM and 7mate, sport is covered by ONE HD, and kids is covered by ABC, so the only real genres they could relaunch it as would be General Entertainment again but with a more clear target audience and more popular programming, or a documentary channel. Either way it needs to rebrand soon cause the channel is just getting worse and worse!

  9. 7TWO is becoming worse every day.
    Not even sure what the channel is meant to be now.
    Obvioulsy they are having success with older skewing shows and all the British fare – so they keep adding more. But Seven is already the oldest skewing of the three main networks, not sure why they would want 7TWO skewing even older.

    7TWO just seems to have zero focus now. It’s just a giant mish mash of randomness. And mostly old randomness.

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