X Factor’s “other” Natalie

From tomorrow Natalie Garonzi will be known as host of The Xtra Factor, which airs on 7TWO on Sundays an Mondays. Not to be confused with Natalie Imbruglia, resident judge.

But some viewers may already know her from Nine’s late night quiz show The Mint.

Others know her work fronting Nickelodeon’s Saturday morning kids TV show sn:tv. She is still recognised from that gig.

“There’s nothing scarier if you go to a bar and there are 18 and 20 year olds coming up to you saying ‘Oh my God I love you, you’re from sn:tv!’ and I think ‘Gosh they’re all so old now!'” says Garonzi.

“It’s heartbreaking because I’m getting old!”

But her previous experience, especially having to front 4 hours of unscripted TV for The Mint, puts her in good stead for the twice-weekly one hour shows that will air live, following The X Factor.

It will comprise dissect the performances from the main event preceding it, with guest panellists, judges, press, fashion experts, Audience members plus Viewer SMSs and Tweets.

Even as late as yesterday, Garonzi still wasn’t sure of who was set to join her on the first show.

“I have no idea!” she says.

“I know they’ve shot two small packages, but as far as the content we don’t know yet because the show will be dictated by the hour prior.”

Garonzi will be planning talking points with her Director as the live show unfolds.

“I’m kinda cacking my dacks at the moment!” she laughs.

“But it’s all coming together, very quickly. We’ve got our first run through on Saturday, so I’m sure I’ll find out then.

“It’s very popular in the UK. It’s hosted by Holly Willoughby, who also does a kind of version of Sunrise. It’s quite a big show over there so we’re hoping it will be here as well.

Unlike Inside Idol which accompanied early seasons of Australian Idol, the show won’t be focussed on contestants sharing house.

“They’re all living in a big house in Sydney and it’s insane, they’re all performers and they’re singing constantly. But they get on really well.

“I loved the auditions but we’re judging solely on the performances that they do at the live show.”

The Xtra Factor premieres live at 9:45pm Sunday on 7TWO.


  1. well @tony mac. you would say the same thying about the very few people that rave about xfactor than. 7 would be desperate to nget the good word out about a new show wouldn’t they

  2. maybe they should stop trying to do what the uk version does and do something original. just have the 2 shows. but i suppose i better not hold my breath especially with 7 being the un original fta station

  3. Honestly. This show wouldn’t stand a chance normally, but Natalie is such great talent it wouldn’t surprise me if the show ended up with a cult following purely because of her.

    And i’ll be one of them. Go Nat!

  4. xtra is nearly as popular as main show in the uk, look forward to seeing how it happens they do it here.
    also nice to see original content finally being produced for digital channels.

  5. overkill. they have a show for the contenders that no one watches and the main is starting to fall in the ratings and it will keep doing that while junior mc is on the same night. now this. absolute overkill for show that isn’t even that good

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