Ashley joins Cybershack TV

The former face of Billabong, Ashley Cheadle, has been announced as a new co-host of Nine’s electronics and technology show Cybershack TV.

Cheadle, 22, won the position after a search via 450 audition tapes.

Host Charlie Brown, who is also the show’s executive producer, said, “Ashley is a born communicator who not only knows how to talk to camera but how to make home and entertainment technology fun and accessible to a broad audience.”

Cheadle said, “I was a bit worried at first as I’m a bit of a nature kid at heart but like most things I’ve done in my career I just needed to work out how to connect to the CyberShack TV audience and communicate in a language that they want to hear.”

Her first appearance is this Sunday, 24 October, when the show kicks off its tenth season.


  1. Can’t agree more, Clint. So far, she’s done a pretty impressive job and seems a natural at it. And yeah, she’s smokin’ all right.

    Seriously guys, what did you want them to do? Hire an inexperienced scubber so that the casual viewer has absolutely no interest in the show? Were you critical of Erin McNaught’s appointment too? Jeez, hope none of you are trying to run businesses out there.

  2. Guy’s, Guy’s, Guy’s. This is the way the big wide world operates.
    I think Ashley is smoking, & this is her big break into TV hosting. I wish to see more.

    If you would like to see a program that is not sponsor driven, Get off your butt & do it yourself. If you fail then complain. To fail is not to try & not succeed, but to never try at all then bitch about it.

  3. Oh, what a surprise. Once again, TV producers stage a ‘legitimate’ search for a host, and then end up hiring a known person rather than someone off the street who hoped to use this as their big break. I’ll bet they went through a casting agent, pushed her tape along and chose her anyway. Why even bother doing these searches if they are just going to do this? Why not just find the person they want through the agency? I feel sorry for the genuine folks who thought they had a chance.

  4. 10th season? That’s a tad misleading. This is probably its 10th batch/order of episodes (or “series”), but it certainly hasn’t been running for as long as the number of “seasons” suggests. I remember Cybershack first airing during a late night slot on Ten a few years back (2006, according to IMDB) and it was originally hosted by Faustina Agolley and later by Erin McNaught.

    It’s basically just a glorified infomercial, showcasing gadgets and software for all the tech noobs out there.

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