Four Corners turning 50 next year

ABC wants viewers to suggest how it should celebratetFour Corners’ 50th anniversary next year.

Wow. Anniversarys like this are hard to come by.

Next year will be Four Corners’ 50th anniversary (1961-2011) and ABC wants viewers to suggest how it should celebrate this milestone.

For example:
1) Series on the best Four Corners programs;
2) Special program on 50 Years of Four Corners;
3) Interviews with the people behind the programs;
4) Other ideas.

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5 Responses

  1. They should air one story from each decade – one that captures the mood of the times/nation.

    Maybe there’s one about the 1975 Whitlam Dismissal or an early 80’s show about the Lindy Chamberlain trial – both events which still to this do have an impact.

    A behind the scenes special on the hosts and crew over the decades would be welcome as well – as most don’t receive the acknowledgement for creating the stories everyone sees week in and week out.

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