GEM tweaks schedule

GEM has made some changes to its programming line-up, no doubt in response to its first look at ratings data.

From tomorrow Marco Pierre White’s Chopping Block (the rebranded USA Chopping Block) has been replaced by Bewitched and Allo’ Allo’ at 8:30 and 9pm. They are followed by double eps of Black Adder from 9:35pm instead of Amazing Medical Stories. The F Word will follow at 10:45pm.

On Friday Getaway and Holiday Showdown are out, replaced with movies My Best Friend’s Wedding (2007) followed by Dirty Dozen (1967) from 7:30pm.

60 Minutes will no longer air at 7:30pm Mondays, to be replaced by Animal Emergency (first-run) and Airport (rpt). They begin October 18th.

On Saturday October 23rd Deadly Surf and Animal Emergency are replaced with a repeat of David Attenborough’s Life of Mammals at 6:30pm.

These changes also apply to other block programming late at night.

There are also some movie title switches with Brokeback Mountain, The Producers, Sands of the Desert, One Million Years BC, Goodfellas and The Libertine out of schedule, but they may possibly get another shot later.


  1. Please bring The Sullivans back, either on GEM or GO. I know WIN own the show, but they can provide programming – they screen Alive and Cooking on GEM and it’s a WIN production.

  2. Can somebody please explain to me how gem is still on the air?
    The advetised programmes today are all over the place.
    As the advertised programme was changed to the Railway children.
    A British classic so i was alright with that.
    About 30 minutes into it changed to Rainbow country, followed by some religious programme.
    An hour later the Railway children started again from the beginning.
    Half an hour later later it switched back to Rainbow country, the same episode and has now gone to the cricket.
    Just how much alcohol and illicit drugs do you have to be taken to get a job with GEM

  3. I just love the old movies of 30s, 40s and 50s and am so pleased that GEM desided to screen them. Thank you. Unfortunately I missesd Bachelor in Paradise and hope for a repeat soon. I will pick up the second screening of The Time Machine, so re-runs are very welcome.Please any chance of screening 1-Dead Ringer-Bette Davis, 2-A Womans Face-Joan Crawford, 3-The Five Pennies-Danny Kaye, 4-Call Me Madam-Ethel Merman.

    We have News, Sport, Murder and Crime in varying ways, Reality Shows and Current Comedies on the other channels to saturation point. Can’t we have one channel for GEMS of yester years please.

    I love Bewitched, but if it is on another channel then why here too? I and many other people can’t get WIN so all the old Crawford Classics like Carsons Law, The Sullivans, etc. would be very welcome too.

  4. I caved last night and tried to watch a bit of Bewitch. But having it on at 8:30pm felt really weird and the fact that it was an episode shown not that long ago on GO!. I think 9 really need to do something.

    I like vinny’s idea of having The Boss is Coming to Dinner on GEM. I actually didn’t mind that show and think it would fit in well with what they’re trying (poorly) to make GEM to be..

  5. @Wayne – Dallas, Dynasty, Prisoner, The Sullivans, Cop Shop, Skyways, ABBA-Bandstand Special 1976 , Battlestar Galactica (1978) , Tarzan, Emergency, Number 96, Love American Style, Star Trek (1966), The Time Tunnel, Land Of The Giants, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, –
    Only problem is most of those program rights are with TEN (Fox) and 7 (Universal), Sullivans & other Crawfords are WIN-owned. Still, I agree that there are many other similar series that Nine has access to, rather than endless daily repeats, but guess it all comes down to $$$$$$$$$$

  6. casting couch

    Horrible line-up of shows. Bewitched has been played ad nauseam and is excruciatingly awful; may as well put The Flintstones on after it. Allo’ Allo’ was dreadful enough in the 1980s. The Dirty Dozen is a good blokes movie, but seeing it on a supposedly 35+ fem-targeted channel only reminds me of its reference in Sleeping in Seattle.

    Nine screwed up GO! Now it’s GEM’s turn. No wonder downloads are flourishing.

  7. Out of all these changes the only thing I dislike is going from Neigbours at War to comedy and then back to the f word.

    Why not instead slot in The Boss is Coming to Dinner and have something like

    7:00 The Zoo (new)

    7:30 How Clean is Your House (new)

    8:00 Neighbours at War double episode (new)

    9:30 The Boss is Coming to Dinner (unaired remaining episodes)

    10:30 The F Word ®

    thoughts ?

  8. Karen Fairgate Mackenzie

    hey dad is a dog!!!…leave it…MTM, Maude, Love Boat, Cagney and Lacey, Gilligans Island, LA Law, Phyills, Knotts Landing, Dynasty, Falcon Crest , Threes Company, ….i could go on…… these are GEMs …..i wouldnt think it would be hard !!

  9. So what all up we lose Holiday Showdown, a nz factual similar to Bondi Rescue that was in repeat mode anyway and a chopping block show that bombed in the US.

    So Holiday Showdown and The Chopping Block were cancelled series anyway so it is not that big of a deal.

    Interesting to see that they are keeping Animal Emergency but moving it to another time.

    Am pleased they got rid of 60mins repeats and getaway repeats.

  10. I haven’t watched much of GEM either. I agree I don’t see why they put Bewitched on when its on go twice a day anyway and that’s repeating the repeat!

  11. How pathetic! Honestly TV programmers have absolutely no idea. Isn’t Bewitched already on Go anyway.

    I am a woman over 35 and there is nothing on this channel that interests me at all. I would rather watch 7mate.

  12. Being a 35+ female I have yet to see a single thing I want to watch on Gem but I do watch Go occasionally.. That Sat line up you gave looks more like Mate programming to me.. How about some older Aussie drama – there must be some they have rights to. Time for a focus group or two perhaps as it seems they have absolutely no idea

  13. Seems to be following a similar pattern of eclectic programming to that of GO! I agree with another comment re. Dirty Dozen (though a great flick) hardly being suited to the supposed target female demographic.

  14. Hear! Hear! to Patrick and Wayne. Let’s kill the out-of-control ringworm “53 channels and there’s nothing on”.

    @southpatt 9 have always been this bad, as anyone who tried to follow The Dead Zone or Joan Of Arcadia can attest. Let’s play a game – what time will this show will be on this week. Darts please…

  15. @ wayne just looking at all those shows you’ve picked out there, they really are true classics, real gems, haven’t seen them in ages. If Nine did do that I would be glued to the set for weeks so probably just as well they don’t, I do want to have a social life!

  16. How about showing some real Gems and changing the direction of the channel from a Womens channel to Classic TV shows and specials with the likes of,
    Dallas, Dynasty, Prisoner, The Sullivans, Cop Shop, Skyways, ABBA-Bandstand Special 1976 , Battlestar Galactica (1978) , Tarzan, Emergency, Number 96, Love American Style, Star Trek (1966), The Time Tunnel, Land Of The Giants, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, and those i can just think of from memory. All TV classics and what would be concidered GEMS !
    None are HD so, make GEM SD and change GO! to HD.
    Its not rocket science 9.

  17. GEM’s only mild successes so far have been male skewed movies. Was targetting 35+ women the wrong move? I guess that’s what happens when you throw something together in 4 or 5 weeks.

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