GO!’s fangtoria Halloween

Nice to see GO! having a little bit of fun with its logo for Halloween (yes even though it’s not really an Aussie tradition).

GO! is plugging its own “fangtoria Halloween” tonight which has Movie: Scary Movie at 9:30pm.

The rest of the line-up is the usual Sunday offerings of Wipeout, Top Gear, The Big Bang Theory, The Middle and Two and a Half Men.

Admittedly Charlie Sheen is pretty scary right now…

Meanwhile tonight’s episode of Theatreland on ABC2 visits The Theatre Royal, one of London’s most haunted theatres.

Some Pay TV channels also get into the spirit with horror movies include a Nightmare on Elm Street marathon on Movie Extra.

Showcase has also just started its entire Twin Peaks rescreening with the Pilot episode airing today.


  1. They should have put the original Halloween movie on, I don’t think that’s been shown since the 80’s and still stands up today as arguably one of the best horror movies ever made.

  2. casting couch

    There was some effort to put some Halloween TV on at the weekend, but the channels could have done a lot better and put more spooky/horror movies on. Seabiscuit?

  3. Tasmanian de√il

    “The rest of the line-up is the usual Sunday offerings of Wipeout, Top Gear, The Big Bang Theory, The Middle and Two and a Half Men”

    I had a look in the online tv guide and it looks like tonight’s episodes of The Big Bang Theory, The Middle and Two and a Half Men all have some sort of Hallowe’en theme to them. All are repeats though.

  4. APM for your information, the best era for horror movies was 60’s, 70’s and 80’s which is when they really knew how to make them. Anything made after that just doesn’t compare. And of course, nothing beats the 80’s slasher flicks!

  5. @ Mangadude & Jacob:

    Im in the demographic and I wouldn’t be bothered with something from the 60’s and early 70’s, now 80’s for example or early 90’s would be better, people can remember those days better and a younger audience would probably stick around after midnight for a couple from those decades. and btw, I never said they should have played modern horror movies, I just said something old but not as old as the 2 Dracula movies.

  6. Agree with Jacob that the 2 Dracula movies on Go! last night are way better than a lot of modern horror films. Also for Foxtel viewers TCM are currently showing really classic horror films like Mark of the Vampire and the Haunting.

  7. @APM how wrong you are, a lot of the younger crowd would love to see those 2 old Dracula movies on last night, they were made at a time when they knew how to make real horror, not the pathetic so called “horror” movies that were on earlier on in the night. Old horror movies beat the new ones hands down.

  8. If they really wanted to have fun with Halloween, they should have put better movies on over the weekend. I see GO are playing ‘Child’s Play’ this Saturday which could have been played last night, at least they played 3 horror movies but 2 of them are old and none of the younger crowd would care to watch the 2 Dracula movies late at night.

    Zombie Strippers was a good choice I guess, but they had chosen to play ‘Cinderella Story’ and ‘Nanny Diaries’. hardly Halloween or Horror themed, 6:30 they could have had Gremlins or Ghost Busters for the kiddies and some other M Rated horror movie at 8:30 like Child’s Play. did they really need to play their usual lineup tonight, they could have at least take them off for one week and play a kiddie horror movie at 6:30, 8:30 show Halloween H20 as its M rated plus its been a while since it’s been on and Scary Movie at 10:30.

    if you wanna pretend we’re American and celebrate Halloween, then thats how you do it.

  9. bum forgot about the vampire movies. the missus insisted on Ghost while I wanted Zombie Strippers. Yawn!

    @Craig Ive been amazed about the halloween stuff in the shops. Saw bright yellow punkins in one supermarket chain recently to make your own jack o lanterns…wha??

  10. Agreed David, it’s nice to see a channel having fun with Halloween, Go! had some horror movies on last night and this morning, much better turn out then the rest of the commercial channels, what happened TEN why aren’t you playing a Treehouse of Horror episode?

  11. Was good to see some Saturday night horror movies on GO! last night, with 2 Dracula movies screening back to back. The Saturday night midnight slot really has become a must see for cult and horror movie fans.

  12. Good to see GO! having fun with Halloween. Glad to see it picking up in Australia too, it’s a fun day!! It’s really celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere though UK, US and Canada.

  13. If it’s not an Aussie tradition then try telling the supermarkets that, I was really surprised at the amount of Halloween related stuff in then this year, it’s getting to be up there with Easter and Christmas in some places.

    “Admittedly Charlie Sheen is pretty scary right now…” 😆

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