Here’s why you don’t have to watch Sherlock this Sunday

Sherlock is screening this Sunday night on Nine, and it’s one I highly recommend.

But if you were torn between this and other Sunday shows (X Factor? Offspring? Poirot?) you might as well give it a miss.


Because it will screen on GEM next week.

Whatsmore, GEM is an HD channel.

Sherlock “A Study in Pink” will air at 9:35pm Thursday October 21st on GEM.

Episode 2 “The Blind Banker” will air the following night at 9:40pm. Ep 3 “The Great Game” is set for Friday October 29. They even have later repeats if you miss them.

GEM also has a number of other primetime changes to its new schedule:

Thu Oct 21: Bewitched, Allo Allo, The Black Adder, The F Word are out. Three Fat Brides One Thin Dress is in.

Fri Oct 22: Movie switch: The Sundowners, Key Largo out. Dial M For Murder is in.

Thu Oct 28: Bewitched, Allo Allo, The Black Adder are out. Three Fat Brides One Thin Dress, The F Word, Amazing Medical Stories are in.

Fri Oct 29: Movie switch: Funny Girl, Never So Few are out. Laws of Attraction is in.

Once again, Sherlock is an imaginitive piece of television.

Nine’s programming changes are even more imaginitive.


  1. David, do you know if they’ll actually be showing the complete UK version, or a shorter international version? Have they learnt from their Top Gear mistakes?

  2. I don’t mind the idea of selected programs being repeat aired across more than one FTA channel. The ABC do it with some of their more high profile shows like Spicks & Specks. I know PVRs are becoming more widespread but they’re still not accessible for everyone. I see it as one of the potential advantages of the multi-channel FTA evolution (at least until PVRs become the norm).

  3. This proves Michael Healy is utterly clueless when it comes to drama. He doesn’t understand what he’s got or how best to programme it. Whatever momentum this Sherlock for Sunday night appointment TV has now been dissipated. No wonder he keeps on commissioning crap like SP,RSO and LAC. Utterly clueless.

    • MH isn’t programmer for all three channels, but obviously there would be some liaison about what content is available for what channel. When The Nanny was programmed against itself on GEM and GO (an amendment to avoid this was later sent) kinda shows there are still some issues.

  4. Thanks for this David. I wanted to see Sherlock, but new episodes of Bones is back and I will be watching that. Plus I now get to see it in HD.

    I think it makes for a far better line up.

    They’re getting there with the new channels. Slowly!

  5. I was wondering how long those old comedies eg Allo Allo would last… wonder why they didn’t air Three Fat Brides in the first place !

    It looks like if this encore of Sherlock is on for 1 week that the f word will be out that week and return the next. So more of a case of an encore pushing the regular show out for a week.

    Although it seems like go and nine have a lot of changes they are more stable than last year, yes human target had gone and come back and the middle is the same. Dark Blue moving etc… but overall shows like Drop Dead Diva, Hellcats, Ladette to Lady, Gossip Girl (it hasn’t left for a week yet), Spartacus and new Wipeout are surprisingly staying put.

  6. It’s easy to surmise that from the limited trust people have in the 9 network, many people will have already seen this in HD the day after it was shown in the UK.

  7. I recall your call on this article was very biased David, one dya you’re raving about Sherlock, the next day youre asking people not to watch it because it will be repeated anyhow…looks like you’re the Perez Hilton of Aussie blog, such hypocrisy.

    • Chk Chk: That’s a bit of a leap. Both the review and this very article have praised Sherlock. This post is clearly about Nine Programming. Might have been more strategic of Nine not to announce replays before the first run. Seven often leaves TBAs in their schedule for this very reason. I also have ongoing concerns about brands being shared across multiple channels. Sherlock isn’t the first time I have blogged on either issue. Would be great to have Perez’s traffic and influence, but I see this week he is retreating from his gossipy tone.

      I also haven’t asked anybody not to watch it at all, it’s a fantastic piece. You should discern between content and programming habit before accusing me of such thanks.

  8. Bloke from the Sticks

    Yeah, the network wouldn’t waste their money buying two versions of the same show. SD for Nine and HD for Gem repeats. The ABC wouldn’t fork out extra for Dr Who in HD this year so we got it in SD on the HD channel.

  9. Is it a telling sign that most here don’t trust Nine/GEM to show it and even if it’s on don’t know if it will actually be in HD or just upscaled?

    Nine has a lot of work to win back the trust of it’s viewers.

  10. Seven repeats The Event on Thursdays on 7mate. I’ve been watching those in hope of it being in HD on the HD channel, but nope. I imagine GEM would do the same.

  11. so David, you’re an advocate now of “miss the first run, it will be repeated anyhow..”?? what if it wasn’t repeated due to last minute changes, it’s happened a few times before and knowing Nine, they change their schedule as fast as Lindsay Lohan is busted from drink/drug related charges…

  12. To be honest, I wouldnt trust any of the programming gibbons to tie their own shoe laces. You leave this to Thursday and suddenly find they have decided to drop it in favour of the Australasian Lawn Manicuring championships.

    Grab it when you first see it…

  13. I’d prefer to see in HD, but the last time I didn’t watch something on Nine because they were going to repeat it a few days later on Go, they dropped the repeat and I was spewing.

  14. GEM might be a HD channel, but very little of what they show is actually HD. And I’m betting this this one in particular will be no exception.

  15. In all honesty I don’t think a day has gone by since I discovered this place last year where there hasn’t been some story from 9 about a schedule change.

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