Here’s why you don’t have to watch Sherlock this Sunday

If you were torn between Sherlock and other Sunday shows you might as well give it a miss.

Sherlock is screening this Sunday night on Nine, and it’s one I highly recommend.

But if you were torn between this and other Sunday shows (X Factor? Offspring? Poirot?) you might as well give it a miss.


Because it will screen on GEM next week.

Whatsmore, GEM is an HD channel.

Sherlock “A Study in Pink” will air at 9:35pm Thursday October 21st on GEM.

Episode 2 “The Blind Banker” will air the following night at 9:40pm. Ep 3 “The Great Game” is set for Friday October 29. They even have later repeats if you miss them.

GEM also has a number of other primetime changes to its new schedule:

Thu Oct 21: Bewitched, Allo Allo, The Black Adder, The F Word are out. Three Fat Brides One Thin Dress is in.

Fri Oct 22: Movie switch: The Sundowners, Key Largo out. Dial M For Murder is in.

Thu Oct 28: Bewitched, Allo Allo, The Black Adder are out. Three Fat Brides One Thin Dress, The F Word, Amazing Medical Stories are in.

Fri Oct 29: Movie switch: Funny Girl, Never So Few are out. Laws of Attraction is in.

Once again, Sherlock is an imaginitive piece of television.

Nine’s programming changes are even more imaginitive.

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  1. I was going to try and catch these first run by watching other less important stuff live to air, but after seeing next sunday (there are 4 channels I want to record and can only do 3) I have re-evalutated. I always have trouble watching stuff live to air, I get bored during the ads so start to watch something else for a few minutes, then get caught up in that and forget about the other show, or I have to take the dogs outside or cook some food that takes longer than 1 break. I don’t believe in appointment television, it just never works out for me, at best I’ll play catch up by starting to watch it a little later. So I think I will still catch tonights screening but monday and next sunday I will have to get the GEM super late night screening. I may try to watch Sherlock live in case 9 does pull the repeats I’m relying on but like I said I will probably fail at that, hope if they pull the repeats they make this available on fixplay.

  2. @ kev…totally agree blu – ray is the only way to watch HD tv.

    Blu-ray + $A + internet shopping =happy viewing

    For those that don’t know Europe is the same region as us for Blu-ray but not DVD.

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