In: No Ordinary Family. Out: The Whole Truth.

More new US shows have been getting green lights and red lights this week.

ABC has announced a full-season order to No Ordinary Family starring Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz.

New sitcom Better With You starring Joanna Garcia and Jennifer Finnigan has also been picked up for a full season.

Police drama Detroit 1-8-7, won an extra five episodes.

Drama series The Whole Truth starring Maura Tierney and Rob Morrow will end at 13 episodes, after it struggled in the ratings.

It becomes the fourth cancellation of the 2010-11 season, behind FOX’s Lone Star, NBC’s Outlaw, and ABC’s My Generation.

In other news Brothers & Sisters wins an extra 4 episodes, taking it from 18 to 22 episodes.

Source: EW, Hollywood Reporter


  1. Yeah! i want to know the same thing as ‘V’!!!!!!!!! nothing is telling u!!!! when does it come out?? they’re already through a whole season in the us!!!!!

  2. When does No Ordinary Family come to Australia?? No one anywhere says anything about an airing date. Seven said after the tennis but that’s way over by now…It’s pi**ing me off!

  3. Just watched No Ordinary Family. Was really good. It’s basically The Incredibles but not animation. It’s a good show but i just know it won’t rate here

  4. i would think most of the new shows in 2010 will be cancelled by the end of the season and the networks will try new shows in 2011. Most of them are not rating well compared to other seasons.

  5. @ Jam

    Whole Truth was coming to Nine, now probably get shafted to Gem or GO! and Seven has No Ordinary Family and Detroit 1-8-7. IMO No Ordinary Family is the best new show of the season alongside Hawaii Five-0.

    Other than that the rest from what i have seen are pretty average imo this year. Its just been a year where nearly everything new is pretty crap. The mid-season stuff i don’t know about yet as they are yet to air obviously.

  6. Well ABC in America finally got their Tuesday Night Curse Lifted with No Ordinary Family and Detroit 1-8-7 sticking around for a bit longer as well as Sitcom Better with you which has earned its full season.

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