Kerry O’Brien to host Four Corners

So here’s what Kerry did next….

ABC current affairs host Kerry O’Brien will host Four Corners in 2011.

The veteran news anchor will front the show in its 50th year on television. The ABC notes it follows a tradition that began with Michael Charlton and continued with names like Mike Willesee, Caroline Jones, Andrew Olle and Liz Jackson.

“Kerry worked for Four Corners as a reporter in the 1970’s and again in the 1980’s, before presenting Lateline and then The 7.30 Report,” said ABC News Director Kate Torney. “This is a great way for Four Corners to mark such a major milestone in Australian journalism of 50 years on air.”

Executive Producer Sue Spencer, said, “The great strength of the program will continue to be the long-form journalism produced by the reporters and producers, but Kerry will be the new face of the program, and his skills as a presenter and interviewer will give us added flexibility and depth in the studio.”

O’Brien, 65, will leave The 7.30 Report in December after 15 years as host and editor. The new role will allow him to work part-time for the ABC programme.

“It will be like going home to the most enduring and respected name in Australian television,” O’Brien said.


  1. Hmmm. Lateline to 7.30, Tony Jones would have to be the favourite and then perhaps La Trioli for Q & A although it is a Sydney gig and she is very Melbourne. I certanly can’t see Chris Uhrlmann leaving News 24 where he is the backbone. But then again perhaps it’s time for a femme to host 7.30. Decisions, decisions!
    Anyway well done Kerry and look forward to seeing you on 4 C’s.

  2. Perhaps having Kerry will lift the program – it seems to have been slumming a little. An anchor is always a good thing, in my op. He still has passion and grit and gravitas that a program of 4c’s iconic status will elevate. Good news!

  3. Andrew Olle was an excellent host, still very much missed. Kerry does not have much of the passion he once had, but still retains much crankiness, time he retired gracefully. I bet he won’t be on a part-time pay packet!

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