Just not cricket on GEM

Nine has pulled it’s simulcast of the First Test: Australia v England planned for GEM for tomorrow, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, to be replaced by various reruns of The Nanny, Sea Patrol, Secret Millionaire, McLeod’s Daughters and similar programming.

UPDATE 1: Nine had the First Test: Australia v England listed in schedules for tomorrow, but as readers have noted, this was an error. The amendment is actually a correction of GEM schedule rather than dropping of HD simulcast. Apologies for any confusion.

UPDATE 2: Yep Cricket is now out of GEM schedule Thursday 25, Friday 26, Saturday 27. Was right after all….

GEM pulled Rugby Leage Four Nations from GEM last weekend.

GEM also didn’t broadcast Australian Masters last week.

When Nine announced the launch of GEM in September its Press Release said:

GEM will be a mix of new content, classic comedies, cherished drama series, all-time favorite movies, and all of Nine’s sport coverage in high definition.

High definition sport will be seen on GEM until the digital switchover in December 2013.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    Its good to see 9 up to their old tricks again. I knew that we couldn’t trust them. Sooner Cricket Australia pick another network to broadcast home international Test Matches the better. Hopefully when this current deal with the 9 network expires TEN/ONE HD and FOX Sports should and will bid for the rights to it and hopefully win. I remember when 7 treated the AFL with contempt and thus was relieved of the rights by the AFL courtesy of 9,10 and Foxtel. 9 has had the international summer of Cricket since world series cricket i figure. Its about time a different broadcaster took over, it will happen sooner or later, nothing lasts forever.

  2. milk crate, blame the anti-syphoning list. One has their hands tied heaps of the time because of this. Hopefully when the legislation is reviewed, this ridiculous situation will go away. i.e. sports will be allowed to premiere on a non-primary channel, therefore no more simulcasts needed.

  3. as fas as I can tell GEM in Tasmania isn’t HD anyway even tho the EPG guide says it is which is disappointing as I would like to see the cricket in HD 🙁

  4. the tour match between Australia A and England was still supposed to be broadcast on GEM…I think there may be some confusion with titles but cricket (until 30 minutes ago) was scheduled to run on GEM tomorrow.

    • Looks like what has happened here is that Nine had the First Test: Aus v England in the Guides for tomorrow and it has now amended that error.

      If you check any online Guide now you will see it is still listed.

      After dumping other sports broadcasts on GEM it was looking like the same habit.

      Thanks for the update guys I will amend copy.

  5. “Nine has pulled it’s simulcast of the First Test: Australia v England planned for GEM for tomorrow, Thursday, Friday and Saturday”

    The 1st test starts on Thursday Nov 25, so not sure what you mean by this.

  6. LOL, what a crock!!! As if repeats of some US shows are going to rate Higher than the ashes being screened in HD!!! Sooner Nine loses the right to screen the cricket, and other sports, the better. If channel 10 had the rights, I suspect One HD would be showing them.

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