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As news of the mining explosion in New Zealand continues to unfold it appears Weekend Sunrise had it over Weekend Today.

As news of the mining explosion in New Zealand continues to unfold it appears Weekend Sunrise had it over Weekend Today yesterday.

Seven’s Samantha Armytage chartered a flight with crews, reporters and producers on Friday night, in order to be in Greymouth, NZ.

Today had reporter Simon Bouda on the spot but Cameron Williams was co-hosting from Great Keppel Island.

Armytage will again be co-hosting from New Zealand as will David Koch from Monday while the rest of the team is in Hawaii.

Let’s just hope there’s no Beaconsfield-style ambulance chasing.

All kidding aside, the rescue of the miners is far more important than network rivalry. No doubt everyone is hoping for a miracle.

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  1. as with most shallow news orgs, they make it about themselves not the story. times have changed. Gen Y and their 10 minute attention span have permeated into the news cycle and the Meakins of today (ie this age) cant sack em due to the incompetent labour laws now. So we have a so called ‘hosts’ who are employed to segue way across small bridges of information and prop it up with pseudo care. sign of the times really. get over it

  2. I flicked over to 7 Sunrise and saw the reporters interviewing each other – the woman was interviewing the guy (I think it was Kadak). And in this exchange, there was nothing new, it was just filling in time since they had no one to interview. I know having people at the site is good but when there is hardly any updates on what is actually happening, they shouldn’t bother.

  3. Berrets and Kochie are doing movember. They dont look to bad but I think they will be glad to get them off. Grant jumped on it last week. But I reckon Kochie would be annoyed in a little way that he couldnt get to Hawaii. But the miners are the main story. lets hope they are ok.

  4. Talk about awkward live television. One minute the Sunrise crew are laughing and joking around by a Hawaiian beach, talking about counting palm trees, and next minute its “and now we cross live to Kochie at the scene of the mining disaster”. Just hope in their jet lagged state one of them doesn’t get their goofy face and serious face mixed up.

  5. Samantha needs to learn that you can’t grin when your reporting on such a serious story. When she told us they were completing a safety audit on the mine when it exploded she had a grin her face like it was a joke.

  6. ABC News 24 had excellent coverage yesterday. First 10 minutes of their bulletin was about the mines (with live cross to the TVNZ reporter there). They also have broadcast the press conferences live. It’s times like this where a FTA news channel proves its worth.

  7. @Kenny
    Sorry to disappoint but Ten News with Eric Walters was never number 1 and Nine News Sydney was Number 1 long before Meakin came on board. Sure he kept it number 1.
    Great coverage by Samantha Armytage and Simon Bouda.

  8. 10 years ago people would have been ”a mine? what’s that?”

    now people are getting trapped in mines left right and centre.

    i think the moral of the story is…don’t go down in a mine…duh!!

  9. Ah the Meakin touch. He made TEN Eyewitness News with Eric Walters #1, TCN9 News #1, and ATN7 News #1. “#@*k the budget, I’ll fix it next month”. Nine’s new Asian-style “whooshing” sound effects with their graphics is childish.

  10. it was good coverage from sunrise yesterday considering there was a gag order on families of the miners and they were kept away from the mine itself. if only andrew o’keefe didnt co host sunrise on sunday, and what the hell is cameron williams doing on the witsundays?

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